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Cajun Car Shopping

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Boudreaux decided to buy Marie a new car for her birthday. They shopped and shopped. Finally, Marie found one she liked. But before signing the papers, Marie looked at the car one more time. Suddenly, she bristled and walked away, saying she didn't want the car. She wouldn't even talk about it.

On the way home, Boudreaux said, "Marie, I tot yew liked dat car. What changed you mind, che? "I don't want any car wit XL on it," Marie answered. "It's bad enuff having dat on my underwear".
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Another Cajun joke. . .

Boudreau, Fideaux and the Texan. They are working out on a rig in the middle of nowhere and it is time for lunch, so they are taking a break and get to speculating--what is the greatest invention of all mankind?

Boudreau starts, claiming that the greatest invention is the wheel, since, after all, the wheel makes everything go 'round, and without the wheel they wouldn't be getting anywhere.

Fideaux and the Texan observe that, as far as they can tell, they aren't getting anywhere.

The Texan says, the greatest invention is obviously the oil well, since otherwise nobody'd be rich and they'd all be stuck on the godforsaken Gulf Coast, in the middle of a swamp looking at each other.

Boudreaux and Fideaux observe that they are stuck in the middle of a godforsaken swamp looking at each other.

Fideaux lifts up his thermos bottle. "This," he says, "is the greatest invention of all time."

"Nah," the Texan and Boudreaux shake their heads.

Fideaux plods on. "In the morning, it keeps my coffee warm . . ."

The other two nod.

"Late in the day, it keep my tea cold . . ."

Boudreaux and the Texan stare at him.

"How do it know?"
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