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Tough Decision

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OK, the Grim Reaper shows up at your doorstep one fine February morning, and being in an uncharacteristically charitable mood, warns you that he's gonna punch your ticket in 48 hours.

There's only time for one more day's skiing (it's a silly scenario folks, let's not factor in travel times, etc.) Where's it gonna be?

What's the one place you've always dreamt of skiing, or the one place you've been dying to get back to?

For me, it'd probably be Chamonix, or Trois Valees. Just because of the epic connotations attached to the very mention of the names.

Stateside, probably Grand Targhee on a powder day.

How 'bout y'all?
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I think id ski at my home mountain with all of my ski buddies and not worry about it... Heaven is just a big ski resort in the sky anyways... no lift lines, always fresh powder where you want it, and perfect groomers where you want those, and its never cold at the top of a race course.
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Hell of course is still a ski resort... but its like a resort in the midwest with 300' of vertical... and everything costs what it does at Deer Valley... the heaven one is free and friendly.
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Mt. Everest
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Originally Posted by HeluvaSkier
Heaven is just a big ski resort in the sky .

Well said my friend...Well Said
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I'd be at Mike Wiegele's.
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My home ski mountain, shussing EVERY run naked, giving the patrollers that try and stop me the bird, while shouting that I'll buy a round for anyone who shows up at resort watering hole TOMORROW night!

Seriously, though since many of my ski buds are patrollers, I wouldnt think about promoting drinking and skiing, and the closest I've ever came to a naked run was doing bumps in my boxers.

I would get all my buds together that I knew and ski my home mountain telling all my friends and lifties and patrollers and instructors and food service workers and all the people I've taught that I'll be saving a spot in the lift line for them when they go "upstairs" in their own time.
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If I believed in Heaven, it would be perfect, and the skiing would be better there, so I wouldn't be hard pressed to ski my last day. I'd find other things to occupy my time.
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To be honest, I'd get Bob Barnes, Bob Peters and Nolo to take me down the best hills they know. (I mean, I'd want to practice for skiing in Heaven, wouldn't I? )
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Wouldn't be special without friends and family with me so for a last day, they would have to be with me. Probably Heli-Skiing somewhere in B.C. Fresh lines all day and nothing but hoots and hollering.
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Hey if the reaper give me 48 hours, why do I only get one day? OK, one-day, I would do Chamonix or Verbier (sp) I too would be waiting for the runs in Heaven, sad to think there wouldn't be one! Add to that list at the Heaven resort, the best breakfast burritos!
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Charmonix, it would be my first time there. For my guide I would bring my buddy's wife, PSIAIII she taught skiing there, they still go back every few years and stay with her family.

It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.
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Max, thanks for clarifying the fact that you were taking your buddies wife as a ski instructor! I was thinking this post was going to take a different turn.
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Ron, don't worry I know this is a respectable place.

I guess he'd have to come along also. He's a snowboarder, who used to teach boarding. So he can keep up. My 17 y/o son would need to be there too. He's the one we'd have a hard time keeping up with.
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