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junior race skis

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I am looking for new skis for my daughter for next season. She improved greatly on the D-team last year. She changed mid year from an elan 115cm to a atomic race6 130cm. By the end of the season she could carve these easily. She is now 5ft tall, 100lbs. I am looking for a race ski as she is planning to race again two days a week this year. I have found that skis are close to 1/2 price in the shops and ebay before Sept. which is about when the skis swaps start. Already missed out on some volkl’s on ebay so I need to be more prepared. I will try to talk to her coach and talk to some ski shop people but I really want some intput from the forum as well.
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Your best reference is your daughter's coach as they are the ones who know her skiing best. I've put a lot of kids onto a lot of race skis - at 5 ft/100 lbs, she's pretty much in the perfect range for a variety of brands as she can probably flex most of them. My personal fave for kids this year (based on seeing a lot at Hood) is the Volkl Junior Race stuff - she's probably ready for a 140 - depending on whether or not she is going to run two pairs or one pair of skis. I'm guessing she's a JIV or possibly 1st year III? The most important is that she can bend the ski and that the size is correct for her.
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Talk to her coach first of all. See what he/she reccommends for her to ski on. Just about any junior ski is a great ski. I have personal experience with Elans junior race line, and i would reccommend it to any junior racer that is looking for a ski that is easy and that they wont grow out of. With very young racers it is important to get something that is a capable ski but that is also easy for them to ski on as extreme difficulty from equipement can be discouraging for them. I have skied Elans GS and SL junior models. I was not as big of a fan of the GS model as i was the SL model, but i out weighed the GS model by about 45lbs. The 176cm GS ski is enough ski for most adults judging how one of my female team mates skied on it. Look into the RCS though - no metal - sandwitch construction. They are very snappy and quick, and VERY soft. Also check out Fischer as a good junior race ski - i know several J4 and J3 girls on them that love them, but she will have to be a fairly aggressive skier to pilot them.
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I work for Fischer and have a daughter who skis.

I have a pair of her 133 cm WC SL's sitting here with a junior Marker binding.

They are unchanged for 04-05

Bases are perfect top sheets average.

I'll sell for $250.00

I can give you plenty of references here for folks I've sold skis to.

P.M. me if interested

P.S. I put woman on our junior SL ski up to about 120 lbs. From 120 to 140 the WC SC. You have to be mighty strong to flex our SL ski
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Regarding Fischer race stock slalom ski. Has it softened up at all this year?

I have a pair of 165's. I love them but they are the brick of the race ski world.
They are stiffer than true "world cup" atomic skis and most everything I have put a boot in.

I have been told by a very reputable ski coach in the Northwest that there is a world cup stock that is a step above the Fischer race stock as available to USSA skiers on Pro Form. This next step up is actually softer longintudinally than what most junior and masters are skiing on that I see.

Any truth to this?
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My 12 y.o. daughter 1 inch shorter and 10 pounds lighter skied on Volkl p50 gs at the end of last year on 140s. They were probably just a little bit too stiff but you know how it is with kids, you are not supposed to buy something for them to grow into but you do anyway. Based on her performance I suspect that they will be perfect next year. She really likes them.
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