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I have a few pieces of ski gear I don't really need anymore.

180cm CMH Volkl Explosives $150
I think these skies are around 3 years old. I bought them in the fall of '02 and used them as my main powder ski for one season. They are in good condition, although they have a couple of core shots which have been p-texed. The top sheet has normal wear. They are drilled for the Salomon S912's listed below.

178cm Volant Machete McT $50
I bought these skis new in the spring of '01. One of the skis is missing it's black tail piece (it broke off in a crash). Also there are a few core shots which have been epoxyed. Edges are still in good shape. They are drilled for the Salomon S900's listed below.

Salomon S900 Propulse bindings (Din 6-15) $150
I bought these new with the volants. They have seen limited use because the volants where to small and I started skiing on bigger skis after only two seasons on them. There is a piece missing from one of the propulses, but it has no effect on performance.

Salomon S912 Ti Demo bindings (4-12) $50
These came with and where used on the Volkls. They work quite well and show normal wear.

Prices do not include shipping.

All offers considered.

If interested email me directly at