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Hostels in Telluride

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Hi folks,

Im looking to come over from OZ sometime early next year (February would be the bet)

I will need really cheap accomodation like a hostel or something as I will be travelling alone - but im visiting friends who will be working there again. I will only be there for a week, and then heading for Canada.

I have looked on the Telluride website, but the prices are enormous!

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Hostel in Telluride

I've been going to Telluride for the last 5 years and I don't believe there is a hostel in Telluride. You're right, it's very expensive but IMHO it's worth it.

Now for the curmudgeon in me... Part of the charm of Telluride is the lack of crowds and the high cost of skiing there does keep the crowds away. That and the distance from any city.
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Doesnt help when you only have the Australian Peso.
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