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Just visited the board after a while of lurking. Been busy as usual. Had trouble logging in and had to change my password. My welcome however, says I last visited on Dec 31st 1969. I don't think so as I was in the USMC in Parris Island, S.C. then.

Oh well. I love all the changes and you guys have been busy.
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You're Alive??!!!


You live. How was your season? Missed you again in JH but I may be in E'ville in August. Drinks at the Gin Mill or your choice.

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Lars, Welcome back!

That date thing is a glitch that will no longer affect you the next time you return -- only the first time, a result of the import from the old software. There's lots of new stuff, have fun playing around.
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Pow, Sounds like fun. Bemus Point is also a good place for a cold one. It really comes to life as a tourist town in the Summer. Let me know. You have my number.

Hope Summer is treating you nicely. Hasn't been much of a Summer here. rains almost everyday. Around here a rainy Summer means a hard Winter and that's a good thing.
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