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T-race feedback

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Anyone have any feedback regarding the T-race's. How do they compare to the T-1's
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Try this graph out.
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Preference and perception are a personal thing of course. I believe it matters what type of binding you're using with the boot. Certainly things like snow surface, your weight, your skill, and type of skiing matter too. If a binding provides a lot of support like the hammer head does then you won't need as much boot as with say a G3.

I ski the T1 (4 years old) and find it to be a little more boot than what I really need. All in all I really like the T1 and would buy another if I needed to replace. I've hiked in my T1s a lot too. Sure they're on the heavy side but I suppose that is not really an issue as long as I'm packing liquor and beer.

I've spent a lot of time getting the fit just right. I use 'thotics and an Intuition liner. I believe the newer Scarpa boots have a better liner than the older ones.
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How old are the t-races? They're now stiffer than the previous t-race model. Same is true with the T1s.

Are you shopping a used pair?

I weigh 175lbs. That might be a good benchmark to start with ...weight.
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I Have Been Skiing The T-1's For The Past Few Years As Well. It Seems As Though I Could Go A Little Stiffer. I Understand That It's Almost Impossible To Get An Accurate Answer Without Actually Trying Them Yourself. But As You Know Demoing Boots Isn't Always Easy. That Chart Was Good Stuff...thanks.

My Major Concern Is Whether The T-race's Would Be Too Much A Boot When Skiing Trees And Making Tighter, Quicker Turns. I Quess The Best Way To Find Out This Info Is Get Some Feedback From Someone Who Has Made The Transition. Thanks For Your Info.
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