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Review - Elan M555

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I tested these at Mt Hotham, Australia

Elan M555 - 168cm 108/70/98

Skier Type:
Female mid-late 20s, height 170cm, weight 80-85kgs.
Skis 25-30 days per season. Have skied for the past 6 seasons.
Aggressive/confident on groomed and steeps; more tentative in crud and in narrow trees or steeps. Good on small bumps.
Works on technique.
Lower class 1 skier on the Hotham snowsports school ranking. Can ski most of the mountain in most conditions.
Can ski the groomed, powder, crud, working up to the big bumps.

Short: 4/5
Medium: 4/5
Long: 4/5

Groomers: 4/5
Powder: 4/5
Crud: 4/5
Ice: No ice - will update when I get some!

This ski is fantastic! Performed really well in the heavy going powder and the crud that was left over the next day. Had a very nice "pop" when you stayed centered over it and gave enough pressure through the turn. Performed really well on the groomers.

Nice and cruisy sometimes but perhaps Im not strong enough to experience that yet. A lot stiffer than my last pair of skis (Fischer Airstyles) but still performed well in the jumps (we were the ones launching off "The Cornice" on the weekend)

Did really well in the powder and crud, but a wider ski would offer more float (like the M666) but then the M555 is an excellent all round performer in all conditions so it is perfect for the groomer days as well as those freak powder storms and the crud left over. No need to have more than 1 pair of skis.
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So tell us how you went on the crud.
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Haha - not too good The crud broke my arm at the end of August!
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