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West Mid-Atlantic/Allegheny Mtns. Gathering

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Hello all,

We will attempt to get together on Saturday March 12 at Seven Springs for the second Allegheny Mountains region Gathering. Rain date is March 19.

Please post if you are skiing both Saturday and Sunday.

We will meet in the Foggy Goggle at 9:00 AM. The Goggle is located on the top floor of the slope side lodge.

Due to the impromptu arrangements there will be no attempt to get group rates for ticket. There is no PSIA discounts for Saturday but there are for Sunday.

I hope to see yunz there 'n 'at.

Please note that if you are reading this post for the first time the original post was made pre-season. Please go to page 7 of this thread for recent posts.
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How crowded is the 7S hotel at NYE?
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Packed, but a great time!
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Depending on the date I would be interested in attending at any location.
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Yawn...Hybernation sucks.

Yeah man, whatever, whenever. I'll be teaching FT this year so my weekends will be free to do what I want. Same as last year though, if it's an early meet, we got the snow all over BK. : Unless the natural stuff is falling.
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YAY! Sadly I missed last year's gathering, but I'll definitely come down from NY to hit 7S or Blue Knob... I guess count me in for now.
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I'm interested if the date works out.
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I guess

If Springhill can come to Stowe for ETU, Bonni and I could come to something in this area. Let us know when and where and if I go "Where?" forgive me and give me directions!
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I'm planning out going to the ETU if the dates work out so we can talk there.
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If you are interested in attending a Mid-Atlantic/Allegheny Mountains Gathering please post in this thread or send me a private message. I will add your name to my buddy list for future communications.
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Is it snowing yet?

Oh, sorry, it just *felt* like late October these last few days :
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Put me on the list ...can't commit to anything 100% at this point, but, in general, any excuse is usually sufficient to get me skiing.
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Yunz two is already on da list 'n'at. I could see my breath aut at Hartwood listenin' ta da symphony playin' da classical stuff and not the stuff on K-rock. It was cool. Both da weather and the symphony 'n'at.
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I am very interested in a trip to 7S. I have never been and it is only 2-3 hours from my house. I know groups get discounts! It would depend on the date though. I am a college student and plan on doing as much skiing as possible during my x-mas break (Dec 19th-Jan 9th). I've also got a week long break in November, but I am not sure the snow will be flying that early. In the past I've gone skiing in December of January. Looking forward to that first good snow!

p.s. Also being from WV I would be interested in any trips to Snowshoe, Timberline, Canaan Valley, WinterPlace,etc...plus Wisp in MD is great! Only 45 minutes from my house! If there is any interest PM me!
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Hopefully, we can hit some good snow and just pound the trees all day long

Of course, if it's crappy, icy, boilerplate...crazy Pierre is sure to show :
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Yea. Skiing is definitely an all day event! How far from 7S are you?
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Merely minutes away.
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Awesome! Must be nice! I heard that Elk Mtn and Blue Knob were good places to ski. I was surprised to find out that Blue Knob is only about 2 hrs and 40 mins from where I'm at in WV! If there are going to be any trips there that would be cool too. I guess I would consider myself an intermediate skier. Do these place have terrain for all levels?
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I have yet to go to either Elk or BK. Hoping to change that this year. From speaking to instructors from BK last season, it's not a beginner friendly hill by any means. Very little good blue/green terrain. It's mostly suited for upper level skiers. I can't wait to go ski the trees there.

Elk I've only seen in the summer, looks like it has some good, long steep pitches though.
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Hey Taylormatt. Looks like we've been posting in the same thread Thanks for the heads up on BK. I might want to wait awhile. I could at least check out a trail map.
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You can put me on the list, Springhill. If things work out we just might make the run over. I think BK has some new owners. I hope than can do something with the place! There needs to be a LOT of natural to get me to go back to BK. They do have some interesting runs.
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Put us on the list too Mr. Crazie. We may have scheduling problems, car problems, mental problems, but we just might make it anyway.
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Is there a tentative date yet? Weekend or weekday?
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Hey Rob, I was just made aware of this planned meet, I'm in for sure since Seven Springs is only three hours from us and we will use our RV to stay in at the resort.

Is this just a time to to meet and ski together or is it more than that?

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If it's the same as last year, then it's a meet and ski.

I showed up to find I was the only non-instructor! They took it easy on me though Hopefully we can both make it ...it would be great to make some turns with you.

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I'm hoping to make it this year as well. It should be fun!!
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Originally Posted by Coach13
I'm hoping to make it this year as well. It should be fun!!
You better make this one! BTW, if you're still thinking about a place up there, look into it now. Lots of condos on the mtn up for sale at very reasonable prices right now.
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I was contacted by Dwight for info on the Mid-Atlantic Gathering so I shared some preliminary thoughts. No date is certain yet but I'd like to go early, mid January, before the ESA. That would give people from our region that are planning to go to Big Sky an opportunity to meet. It would also give folks an opportunity to plan a second local get together later in the season.

Last year we just meet and skied. Some stayed overnight and skied the next day. No instruction will be offered, apart from the usual peer critiquing and tall tales over beer. If we have a solid commitment from enough people we can look into group rates. PSIA Instructors receive a discount Sunday through Thursday at the Ski/Board Desk (Last year we met on a Sunday).

If there are any suggestions for more activities, share your thoughts in this Forum.

PS. Chris is being modest. He shared some bump skiing techniques with me at the first gathering. He was among the best skiers in the group.
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I'll be the oldest, that's for sure....Ott
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