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Shaq in Black

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Shaq in Miami, can he warm up the heat?
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35 Malik Allen PF 6-10 250 Jun. 27, 1978 Villanova
24 Jerome Beasley PF 6-10 237 May 17, 1980 North Dakota
45 Rasual Butler GF 6-7 205 May 23, 1979 La Salle
0 Matt Freije F 6-10 249 Oct. 2, 1981 Vanderbilt
40 Udonis Haslem PF 6-8 230 Jun. 9, 1980 Florida
6 Eddie Jones SG 6-6 200 Oct. 20, 1971 Temple
0 Albert Miralles FC 6-11 240 null
34 Shaquille O'Neal C 7-1 340 Mar. 6, 1972 LSU
3 Dwyane Wade PG 6-4 212 Jan. 17, 1982 Marquette
16 ZhiZhi Wang C 7-1 284 Jul. 8, 1977
0 Dorell Wright GF 6-7 210 Dec. 2, 1985

"Not with these STIFFS!"

They better throw some more wood on this fire.
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With the underlining, it is really HARD to tell a Q from a G in thread titles.
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Look for the Lakers to trade Caron Butler for a point guard, which they are missing following Peyton and Derek Fisher both leaving.

The Warriors have an extra one, either Van Exel or Speedy Claxton, as they have signed Fisher to a 6yr deal.

Heat will trade Wang for a 3; leaving a starting team of Shaq, Wade, Eddie Jones, SF TBA and Malik Allen. Not a bad starting 5.
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Yo irul&ublo -

I thought Peyton opted to stay with the Lakers. Nobody else in the NBA is going to pay him 5+ million after seeing his performance last year.
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Rio...you're right. Lakers will still need another point guard though and w/ Kobe re-signed, Butler is superflous. I still think they move him, maybe for the 2d 1 guard, another PF or so-so big man.

And don't be surprised if Vlade Divac ends up in LA.

Although there is that little issue in Colorado still hanging out there...
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