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Imagine you were directing an instructional/inspirational film to really explain what it is like to ski, to convey the way you feel about skiing.

How would you best set up the shots, perhaps there are such clips on your favourite films?

Would these shots be the usual TV side on approaching and passing shots, or would tracking shots behind or even infront of a good skier down a run, or Graham Bell's handheld digicam racecourse sequences, best convey what it is like to actually do it?

Do computer games offer any clues?

Would something like a flight simulator of a run with explanatory voice-over give the best impression of skiing and also convince the viewer that they too could do that?

When a child copies without much if any technical explanation, do they just need general examples of walking or skiing to copy, or do they benefit from literally 'following in footsteps', or skiing between legs, to mimick the real thing?

This may have some bearing on whether your film would objectively show what skiing looks like, or perhaps more subjectively what it feels like, as far as that is possible.

Some of my favourite ski sequences are in Lito's filming of Harb skiing where Edgar Boyle's camera follows him turn for turn, you can feel every move he makes (although my attempts to emulate him are still pretty lame!).

Any thoughts?
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Is this a project you are working on yourself daslider?
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atomic ski bum

thanks for a reply. No, not a project, but I do use a video camera and have often wondered about the best use of such media in explaining skiing to people as an alternative to verbal descriptions. Only a few months looking in here on Epic makes me realise the possible shortcomings of verbal descriptions, possible misunderstandings etc. It would be good if the 'copy me' approach worked well enough to permit ski instruction to be more word-free. Maybe there are multimedia possibilities?

It seems to me there is almost too much going on for many learners and the habits of secure, between the feet, balance resorted too for obvious reasons can themselves be the blockage to their further progress. Can these sensations be simulated at all?
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