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ski pics

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my buddy and i are always ripping each other. He is a boarder and i was wondering if anyone had any good pics that i can send him to give him some grief. (all in good fun)

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Aaaahhh,what kind of pictures did you have in mind.
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at this point i would take anything. i have always wanted a pic of a skier catching some air over a fallen boarder if that helps!

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hey mtbyker,
I think pics like that are gonig to be few and far between. While you might find many pics of boarders endangering their fellow snow slider by attempting to clear them with a jump, you won't see many pics of skier's allowing themselves to endanger other people in such a way. Not even a knuckledragger. *shifts out of sarcasm mode*

Seriously though, maybe you could photoshop something together?
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Hey you could get some really good photos of skiers at Newschoolers.com
http://www.newschoolers.com/PHP/Pictures/Pictures.php4 That is the link tho the photos part of that website. Just pics of skiers, not fallen boarders. Hope that helps.
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I'm not in the habit for raising hate and discontent in the ranks but just this once for your friend,and Atomic Ski Bum fix your sig.:

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OK you talk me into it. But this is the last 1.
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