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old skis info

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hey i have finally reregistered on this forum (previously superbox) and i recently had my skis stolen when someone broke into my apt. Anyways im in the market for some nice soft and easy skis and saw some ks escape rider and mach skis. Im planning on buying a high performance all mtn ski after i can demo some more in the winter but for now i want a cheapo pair for the early season and for unhealthy terrain park sessions. does anyone know waht replaced the Mach on the K2 line? thanks for your help.
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if you want cheap (fairly) highly versatile skis that are happy in the park too, especially if you stick with K2, if you can find em, I've seen (my brother got this price so its no joke) last years K2 Public Enemy 169 CM brand new for $250. Its a hell of a ski (great for early season), and would be fun in park too (once you get your all-mountain skis as well).

Just my $.02, take it for what you will.
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