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Democrat puppies

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Hillary is being driven around Washington D.C. and spots a little boy sitting in a park with a wagon. She thinks, "this is a great press opportunity" so she has her driver pull over. She gets out to talk to the little boy and discovers that he has 6 little puppies in the wagon. She comments on how nice they are and the little boy says "Thank you ma'm, they're Democrats!" Of course Hillary is extremely pleased by this.
A few days later, Bill decides to take one of his jogs down to McDonalds, which is close to the park, and Hillary mentions that if he should see a little boy with a wagon he should stop and talk to him. Well, Bill sees the little boy with his wagon and puppies so he tells the little boy, "what nice puppies those are!" The boy says, "Thank you sir. They're Republicans!" "Wait a minute," says Bill, "You told Hillary that they were Democrats." The boy responds, "Yes sir, they were, but now their eyes are open!"
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Why's that make me think of Winston Churchill?
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I believe Churchill's comments referred to "conservatives". Since I'm more likely to be crowned Queen of England than today's Republicans are to act like true consrvatives, I think this version of the joke sort of loses something in the "translation"
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