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The K2 Escape 5500 year after year wins the bargain category on Peter Keelty's site. It is a great ski for someone who learned on straight skis and is taking up the sport again. I think the main reason it isn't being listed (and the reason I didn't mention it) is because it does not have the ice performance of many of the other skis being suggested. It is definitely worth looking at if you live out west or if you don't bother skiing when its icy.
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Backlash, here's another take on this, It sounds like you ski on the groomers for the vast majority of your skiing. I would definitely demo a few different skis first and then see which brand you like the best. As Rusty said, each differnt ski manufacturer has littel different feel. Ther really aren't any bad skis, just skis that you feel the most comfortable. That said, there are different models that are going to fit thew kind of skier you are as well as the conditions you are skiing on. I think all of the skis mentioned are good skis, although I woud suggest the Volkl 4 star as well. I am biased towards Volkl and like the 5*. You may have trouble finding Heads and Fischers to demo as they aren't popular but they are great skis.
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I agree with Ron, on both counts. Demo if you can, but it might be hard to find Head and Fischer demos. I ended up narrowing it down to those two, but couldn't find any to demo (each had demo days in my area that had already passed, and no shops that I could find had demos of the ones I wanted to try). I ended up buying the Heads without demo'ing and got lucky, but if you plan ahead and contact the companies directly or their reps (maybe Rusty can tell you who to get in touch with in your area for the Fischers?) they might be able to tell you when and where they'll have demos in your area. The nice thing about this is that you can often ski several different skis within a single line (e.g., Fischer RX6 and RX8, Head iC 160, iC 180, etc.).

In addition to reviews on this site (search the gear reviews forum for each of the skis you're considering), Peter Keelty has good reviews of skis that might be useful. It might be worth the price of subscription. http://www.realskiers.com/
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Peter should be posting his reviews of the 05' any day now. He collects data from hundreds of testers throughout the country and then compiles the reviews and scores. They are often quite different than what Ski and Skiing post. If you ever go to Beaver Creek (where the tests are done), speak to some of the techs over at the Gorsuch ski shop about how these guys test the skis. From what I have been told, it's more like a giant party sponsored by the reps than a legit scientific blind test. I subscribe at Realskier but their forum isn't as good the Bear!
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