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Atomic Smart systeM???? any thoughts

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well my friend said this is a good ski to start with, i can ski fairly well and they are going for about 299 locally with bindings. hes a big atomic fan and really says i should try these..

i'm about 5'8" and 175lbs.. what length should i be looking at here? 170/180??
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Your friends right , the Smart Zone are a great ski. These things have gotten the respect of a lot of people that tried them figuring they where just another rec ski. My wife tried them out last year and had a blast on them , she even ran gates on them and couldn't believe the performance. There are two different skis available , the green and orange are a little softer and the blue and silver having carbon power channels make them a bit stiffer. try and demo if you can , the 170 might be enough for you in the stiffer version.

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I can not add more to the previous reply.
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GREAT.. i will go hunt for those skis tomorrow since it is my only day that i have time to do so and since i'm going to get my boots checked out also..

thanks again for the recomendation.. would 160s or 180s be pushing it? i'm just checking incase they dont have one or the other..
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well i was all over town today without any luck, there was ONE pair of 160s left and the salesman didnt really think it'd work for me, he said 170s would be best. well at least my buddy got a GREAT pair of skis.

they had next years smartzone there in my size(nasty green/olive color), are they going to start to bring out next years stuff already? if so i think i'll wait... any thoughts betaracer.. you seem to know wasup with atomic gear..

THANKS guys.
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The shops should be able to order any length you desire. Most lengths of the Smartzone PC are still in the warehouse. If all goes by past trends, next years models should be hitting the shelves some time in March. I haven't seen all the new skis yet, so I don't know what the cosmetic or technical changes are going to be for all the models.

The Olive is this year's colour.

2001/02 Smartzone Olive or Orange
2001/02 Smartzone PC (Power Channel Carbon) Blue or Silver.
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Try the Sportmart in Bloomington. I picked up a pair last week for 199.00 in the 180 blue model. They are a blast to use on the blues and half pipe.

BetaRacer talked me into getting a pair along with my 9.18s. I haven't regretted it.

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