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Summer Poll

Poll Results: What are you doing to get better at skiing?

  • 3% (2)
    Getting better is not why I ski
  • 36% (23)
    I seek out feedback/information from sources I respect
  • 9% (6)
    I take a lesson every so often
  • 26% (17)
    I attend training camps or season-long programs
  • 14% (9)
    I started teaching for the training benefits
  • 9% (6)
    None of the above
63 Total Votes  
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I thought I'd try out the poll feature and maybe learn something in the process...
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Hi Nolo,

You should have made the poll to allow multiple choices
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I could have chosen purchased boots that fit! For years my boots have been sort of loose. I felt they were more comfortable. This year, at the ETU, and after reading articles here I snugged my boots down...it made a big difference. They were still a little big, but much more snug than before. This spring I bought a new, smaller and more advanced level boot.
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I should have. Now I know better, but I was seeing how it worked.
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Yeah, I would have listed a few of those choices, with an add on of "moved closer to the mountains!"

Better watch it, or I'm going to get banned!
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Just got back from Momentum's Freeride Camp on Blackcomb. I learned how to get a concussion and whiplash, how to dislocate a fibula and crack a tibia. BUT I did get smoother in the halfpipe, conquered rails, and throw some flippy spinny things. I'll be back next year for sure.

Now I'm watching Hot Dog...the movie to remind myself WHY I ski...

Ha ha!

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warren, I just got back from the Mogul Logic camp at Blackcomb, so we were skiing right next to each other (second time I go to the camp). I learned to throw air (just did real basic stuff... a spread and a twister.. but I used to be real afraid of air before so this is good -- although.. those compared to the crazy tricks the kids were doing is nothing), and I finally started absorbing and taking a much more direct line on the bumps. Long way to go though.. although I guess if I compare myself to the US team members coaching at those camps I guess there will always be a long way to go.

I am a big fan of camps and clinics for instruction. That's my preferred method. Go to a camp where you get a lot of attention, drills, and you really figure out what to work on as well as see some improvement.. then keep going back to the same coaches which already know you once in a while to get continued feedback.
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I, too would have picked several of those answers. So I went with my most recent answer -- camps. Three days of skiing with the same coach is amazing.
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I go to a clinic called the EpicSki Academy, which is *really good*

And in the summer, I make regular trips to my local slope.
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Like teachskiljp, I'd have to go with "Using a better fitting boot" as my #1 pick, along with several others from your list...however I'm heading in the opposite direction...just a little, to a fit that's not binding up tendons, yet still verrry snug. Just a change in brand = better angles all over
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