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I'm through with this summer stuff

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I want to ski.

I want to walk into the lodge at 8:45 before the lifts start and buckle my warm plastic boots, while food servers and ski patrollers mill around me preparing for another day at work. I want to smell the diesel smoke as the snow cats groom the craggy, icy surface into a fine corduroy. I want to feel the ground slide beneath my feet as I begin to get on the lift. I want to feel the wooden bar that always pinches my calves against the tops of my boots, because it's JUST the right height, whack the back of my leg as I try to load onto the chair fast. I want to feel my feet fall asleep as they hold up ten pounds of ski and binding because I tightened the boots too much. I want to watch the patrollers get the first tracks below me as I float in the air on a wire to the top, where I will stand up and slide off this wooden, creaking chair.

I want to look down the hill with no one on it from the top, feeling as if I own the world. I want to kick off and start sliding, putting my hands forward and out and touching my right ski pole tip to the ground carefully to time my first turn. I always make my first turn to the right. I want to feel the wind whip through my hair as I build up speed in each round, long arc, racing faster and faster, the scenery beside me beginning to blur in my peripheral vision. I want to crouch low over my skis, lowering my stance and picking up even more speed, spacing my feet shoulder width apart as I lean into the turn, touching my hand to the snow ripping past underneath me.

I want to stand up to straighten my balance as I hit a small bump, and pick my feet up to stay compact in the air. I am the fighter jet pilot. I am the fighter jet. I want to pick my landing and extend my feet, making my knees soft to absorb the landing without a sound, carrying my new-found speed into the next turn.

I want to glance over my shoulder and see two perfect S's in the snow beside each other from my skis, one for the left, one for the right. I want to feel my legs burn as I come down the last 1/4 of the hill, the steepest section. I want to crouch down low, in a tuck, hands together in front of me driving forwards for balance, accelerating like a rocket. I want to feel the ground shaking below me, making my skis chatter like a struck yard stick, as my speed exacerbates the bumpiness of the terrain. I want to hear the wind in my ears, so loud I can hear nothing else.

I want to feel the wind hit me like a wet pillow as I stand up exposing my full profile to the wind to slow down as I near the bottom. I want to feel the sting in my chest as the cold air assaults my lungs between the rapid breaths I gasp, while I get in line with the other early birds to ride up again. I want to rub my tired, aching legs. Someone I sidled up to in a lift line once asked me how I could possibly get out of breath and tire my legs after one ski run. "Come.", I told them, "I will show you..."
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Wow, my quads are tired just reading this! Well Done!
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Yes, well done indeed. Mid season blues - the worst eh?
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nice. thanks.
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Oh man, I really needed this. It's 90+ outside and I was sort of daydreaming of the same thing. Gald to see I'm not the only one...
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Oh yeah, Euclide and Bronzeman, I'm starting to get the jones. I didn't think I would after ending my season with a bad injury, but I am. Once skiing gets in your blood, it never really leaves.
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Atomic... what happened to you?
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3/4 of the way through the season, i was skiing tip to tail with a friend who fell and I tripped over him, planting my shoulder into the snow, separating it.

I was going to sit out the season but a friend asked me to ski ONE last day with him about 8 weeks later. It was the last day of the season and I figured what the heck. Long story short, I was booking it on the last run to get my last jollies for the year and slid out on some end-of-season crud, and slid into a lift tower base. Cracked a rib, broke an arm, bruised a kidney and damaged the radial nerve in my right arm leaving me with a nearly useless hand for a few weeks. In addition, bruising and swelling all up and down my side and shoulder actually began tearing an abrasion open on my shoulder, It was from the swelling stretching the skin, so I had a few nights in a hospital to keep an eye on that. It was an interesting few weeks. At first I thought I wouldn't want to ski again but now I think that isn't going to be a prob. and some 4+ months later I'm at 100% capacity again.
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Wow... impressive! No wonder why they call skiing a "dangerous sport" Glad to hear you're doing well.
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I want great writing to include Paragraphs for easier and more pleasant reading.
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Originally Posted by Bonni
I want great writing to include Paragraphs for easier and more pleasant reading.

You got it!
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Originally Posted by Bonni
I want great writing to include Paragraphs for easier and more pleasant reading.
: Wow, even randomly placed separations in the text would have made this more readable. Once I copied it, pasted it someplace, and put some separations in, it was actually pretty good. Without the separations it was hard to follow.:
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Damn, gotta watch that "last run". I feel for ya, atomic. Good thing you're making a 100% recovery! I want to hear about your next thrilling moment (using paragraphs, of course!)
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Thanks, it feels good to be back doing the things I love, and doing them like I remember being able to do them before. I plan on making an investment in a brain bucket for the coming season.

Bonni: Hahaha, Paragraph form would certainly have been an improvement. How's this?
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Good luck with the injury recovery asb. I managed nearly five weeks last season and you'd have thought that would've quenched the thirst, not added to the impatience for the next season to arrive in double short order. Still, no injuries apart from agravating a rotator cuff problem from quite a few years back.
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Thanks Bronzeman, I am glad to hear that your season is (mostly) injury free. The one thing I took away from the accident that I think is the most important is that I realize now is that skiing, while an awesome recreational activity/past-time/way of life , can be very serious, and that things can go from bad to worse VERY fast.
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