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Salomon Teneighty S-Lab CR Johnson

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Length: 180 cm
Dimensions: 113/79/106
Terrain: Blackcomb summer glacier pipe, rails, and jumps courtesy of Momentum Ski Camps

OK, so this was CR's "Pro" model ski (CR) that was supposed to be different than the regular Salomon Teneighty. i.e. more than a simple cosemetic change.

Was it? Yep.

I compared it to last year's Teneighty (1080) of similar length (181).

First thing that jumped out at me was that it wasn't as springy as the older model. The pop off of jumps wasn't as pronounced which may be a good thing since if you pushed too hard you could clear a landing from amplitude alone. A direct comparison of approach speed, sans pop, proved that the CR would travel farther however. The race base probably had something to do with that... Stomping landings was a little easier due to the stiffer tail.

The stiffer spaceframe construction and thicker edges held like a mother on ice but didn't naturally carve as tight a radius as the 1080 without working it. It was a very light ski despite its length and was quite thin with a lower tip and tail. It spun easily.

This was specifically designed as a pipe ski (according to the rep) but I found it quite accomodating over all the terrain park features, and skiing GS and SL. I'm not a great bump skier, but I suspect under the right feet, miracles could be worked.

Good ski for heavier, stronger, park riders and on the Ice Coast. Price point and availability (read exclusivity) may be its only detraction.

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I got the 2003 model still, sounds as if they improved especially on the stiffness and edgehold which is good. Thanks for sharing.
I ski them anywhere except bulletproof ice maybe, no issues with them despite lots of different fairy tales.
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BUMP for review. You can still find these at bargain prices. I finally got time to test mine.

Short review:

I'd say this is an all-mountain ski (for harder surface / smaller hills) disguised as a twin-tip! Pretty solid feeling. I'd even concider re-mounting. (now mounted on the recommended mark). I guess these would be pretty nice e.g. in moguls mounted a few cm:s back? You can always buy cheap jib sticks for center mounted park tools but IMHO this ski feels like it has alot more potential...LAB series really seem to be different from other Salomons.

Long review here
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