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Originally Posted by Rio
You mean to tell me all those stories I've heard from New Englanders about boilerplate and blue meanies are a lie?
Oh no, there all true, I was just referring to geographic features. When it comes to snow conditions it's a whole different universe.
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You've got to drive up to CT or Mass. There are plenty of ski shops looking to sell this stuff at discount for good mark downs, even the Volkl's. Just start looking in September for the good sales. Besides Western Mass is only a little over 2 hours from the city and it's a decent drive.[/quote]

Thanks, I'm 1.5-2.0 hours to NYC so driving up there is not so feasable. I did find Ken jones ski mart was selling 05' stuff at big discounts now until September. I always ride b4 buying though. Thanks. I bet Cupola's has stuff at good prices too. I am going to a ski school in December and I spoke with the director about getting discounts, he said Atomic would offer some discount but we'll have to see how much.
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I'm anxiously awaiting winter, and I do ogle my new ski boots every day, and sometimes wear them around the house, and watch ski shows I've stored on TiVo. At the same time, though, I'm enjoying summer. Playing tennis at least 4 times a week, biking, taking an NYC Ballet Workout class at the gym, taking the dogs to the dog park ... lots to do!
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Great stuff, Sue! While it does not look like skiing, the footwork in the NYC Ballet workout is really beneficial!
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I caved in today...

We skied summer corn and sun cups in Cardiac Bowl just south of the top of the tram at Jackson Hole.

Sunshine, soft snow, and nobody else around.

It was great.

Best of all, summer's almost half over already.

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Bob, please take a run for me and enjoy the snow.
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Originally Posted by andrewschirmer
just go search around at Cupolo and brighten your mood (and possibly lighten your wallet) then...
read cupolo replies to neg. ebay feedback, you will see cupolo is not a good place for ski equipment. a few years ago, cupolo tried to make me pay for $100 shipping when his ad said $50. i said i didn't want the skis. he wrote a bad feedback about me. when i threatened to tell ebay, he changed his tune and apoligized. i dont do any business with cupolo anymore and i hope fellow skiers will do the same.
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I would not call it caving in, but I skied the Hammil Bowl area of the Mammoth Crest today. I linked up about five snowfields including a couple of fun gullies, and probably got about 80 turns on smooth summer snow. I was surprised to see two guys on teles doing the same thing.
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Here's the thing. I enjoy summer. We went to the beach yesterday. I 've been mountain biking at least 3-4 times a week and am getting into halfway decent shape because of that... But, when biking with my long-time skiing buddy, what do we talk about - SKIING! We reminisce about past trips, epic powder days, incredible runs. We discuss gear. We started planning some ski trips for next winter in June. Yeah I like summer allright, but winter is where I live.
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie
Walking out the door of my new home in Summit County Co., I can visualize what the mountains will look like when they are filled with snow. I can also take joy in the fact that I will be within 20 minutes to 2 hours from most Colorado Ski areas!
Stop it, your already making us jealous, But really, I hope you enjoy your new location (yea, like that's problem) and everything works out.

I watched Hot Dog the movie the other day, I also have had one pair of skis in my dinning room since I put the summer wax on them back in late April.
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Watched "better off Dead" last night on my flight from Dallas to NJ. Great lines and some good skiing too.

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I just came back from Salt Lake. Seeing the mountains bare (or almost) was sad, but also brought back happy memories of the past ski season. I'm deeply craving some snow. I've still got like 6 months though.
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