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lodging recommendations for Whiteface

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I'm organizing a ski trip for some work friends from the NYC area up to Whiteface and I was wondering if anyone had any input regarding lodging options. Ski-in/ski-out isn't an option there (sadly), a hot tub is a must, and I'd guess the group size to be 10 or so. Thanks for any and all help...
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good question, I myself am looking into a trip there this March. Orbitz.com has some good prices for hotels in Lake Placid and I know there is a shuttle to the mountain.
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I'm looking at the last weekend in Feb and praying that the Slides will be open then. I saw a shuttle schedule somewhere online (being last on the way there and first on the way home would be nice) which would alleviate having to drive to the slopes (and also you go when the shuttle goes, no more waiting for person upon person).
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WhiteFace is a blast - I have gone twice before. Both times I have stayed in Lake Placid. I would recommend this, as there are a lot of cool restaurants and bars etc. I stayed at the Holiday Inn (I think) the first time I was there. They had a hot tub and it was right down town and right on the lake as well - very cool. But with 10 people that may get a little expensive. The second time I went we rented a townhouse also right on the lake for six of us the prices were great for three night divided six way I came out to 50 bucks a person per night. Can't beat that. There was not hot tub though the palce was really nice it was three floors two bathrooms and three bedrooms with a pull out couch and full kitchen. I think the site I found it on was www.lakeplacidlodging.com or something close to that. If you search around the lodging info for lake placid (not on the whiteface page) you should be able to come across it. It think they did have some places with hot tubs, but we went for the price savings. Any way hope that helps. Oh you mentioned the slides - I usually never see those things open until March! I try to keep an eye out for when they open them. Unless there is a freak snowstorm early in the year - which is not normal for Whiteface - at any rate it is not often so ski if you can when you go. They were open the first time I went up like five years ago on the second week in March but I didn't go because I was skiing with some friends who were intermediates but not ready for the slides. I went up again two years ago on the third weekend in March but they hadn't had any snow and it was in the 60s. I think they got dumped on the next week and opened the slides up. Just my luck.
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Here is my most recent thought on this... If I do go ahead and get the ASC All-For-One Pass (please let me know your opinion on this) I'll probably plan the trip for one of the 6 ASC resorts. $349 for unlimited skiing (14 blackout dates) looks god when you consider how much a ilft ticket costs at those places...
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It is a great deal. If I didn't live in South Central PA I would sign up in a heart beat. Basicly with that deal once you buy 6 all day passes (at 60 bills a ticket) you break even. If you go for a week at an ASC resort you've done it and then any days after that are golden. Do you know what the black out dates are? I imagine New Years week and Presidents week but I dont know. You were talking about skiing the slides, well if you hit Sugar oaf at the right time you can ski the snow fields which is a very cool (inbounds) ski experience similar to the slides (maybe not as much vert but nice and wide open). Between the loaf and Sunday river there is more than enough terrain for a weeks worth of skiing.

My wife and I make about 6 to 8 weekend NE trips a season (7 hrs to Killington - 9 hours to Stowe) If you are in NY the travel time is probably half that (depending on location). If you are willing to travel I think it is well worth the investment. I guess the other thing is - are you satisfied with Skiing at ASC mountains. I am a big fan of Stowe, Sugarbush and MRG. I would miss them I also love the loaf and Sunday River but for me they are out of reach for a weekend. Hey who care as long as your skiing!!!
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