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Volkl AX4

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On Peter Keelty's site www.realskiers.com ;it indicates that the AX4 is different from the G4 in more than name and cosmetics. Since sidecut and construction seem the same, how did they change it?

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I get the impression they softened up the G4 and the G3 to make them more user friendly and put the 7 24 Pro on top of them and have 3 skis in that line in lieu of 2.


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I would be interested to hear from anyone who can compare and contrast the the new AXP 3, AXP 4 and 724 Pro from last year's G3 and G4, of which I think I have a better understanding. Gadget?
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I have flexed the AX4 in a shop here and if it is softer than the G4 I couldn't notice it. The AX4 is a plenty stiff ski.
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I just took my G31's (188) and my wife's new AX3's (177) out and the G31 feels much stiffer in the tail section then the Ax3's the shovel and waist have no noticable difference to me.
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I tried some of the Volkls at a retail demo last spring, including the AX4. It takes me several days to evaluate a ski so with only two runs, I honestly could not tell the difference - I owned the G4 last season. I have an email from Volkl that says the ski is unchanged but I think it is softer based on Keelty and others who tried it. I send emails to ski companies but their replies are very general and not reliable.

All brands of midfats keep getting softer: Volkl, Bandits, Intuitives, Big Stix, Beasts, etc. One might argue that they are apealing to a wider range of abilities or one might argue that with new technology the performance does not require such a stiff ski. I don't know.
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