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Field Trips

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I'd like to hear any experience other instructors have had with taking thier clients on "field trips" to other mountains. I'm wondering logistically, financially and ethicaly how do you go about it? I have some great kids that I skiied a lot with last year, that I'd like to take out west or to Europe or something. I know other here do it, I'd like to hear how it works out for them.
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It really depends on the resorts. Where is the instructor's home mountain and where is the trip going to be. SOME resorts allow you to bring an instructor with you but it's a bit of a tricky thing. I hired an instructor from the Canyons to teach us at Alta (because the 3 instructors we wanted at Alta were not avail the date we requested). The way it worked was I contacted both mountains and booked and paid for the lesson throught the Canyon's ski school. The hosting mountain (Alta) had already approved the instructor coming over and notified their ski school, set the terms etc. The requirements were We had to hire the instructor for a full day (no half days or hourly rates) We did not get line priority. and the instructor was to wear his uniform from his home school. and we had to pay for the lift ticket for the instructor. I suspect the ski school got a small cut too.

Some resorts will not allow this at all. Some sister mountains might just let it happen and some might just look the other way. Depends on the resort. I would call them and check it out.

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