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A woman suspects her husband is cheating on her. One day she calls home and a strange woman answers.

Wife: Who is this?

Maid: This is the maid.

Wife: We don't have a maid.

Maid: I was hired this morning by the man of the house.

Wife: Well, this is his wife. Is he there?

MAID: He's upstairs in the bedroom with someone who I assumed was his


The wife is fuming. She says to the maid, "Listen, would you like to



MAID: Of course! What will I have to do?

WIFE: I want you to take my gun from the desk and shoot him and the



is with.

The maid puts the phone down. The wife hears footsteps, then gunshots,


more footsteps.

MAID: What do I do with the bodies?

WIFE: Just drag them out and throw them in the swimming pool.

MAID: There's no pool here.

A long pause.

WIFE: Is this 832-4821?