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Ski equipment lawsuits

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Does anyone have experience with lawsuits against ski bindding manufacturers for eqipment failure?
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Even if someone here has any experience with sueing gear manufacturers, this forum would be the worst place to admit it.
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I would think all bindings are "Use at your own Risk"

They are not "Guaranteed" to release or retain and there are numerous variables that affect their proper operation. For example:

1. Boot Sole condition

2. proper size adjustment

3. proper release settings

4. Skiers Technique

5. terrain

I don't think anyone could ever win a suit.
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gimme a break, it's a dangerous sport. failures do happen but it's people failing to use their heads...there are too many variables. i've been involved in some of this litigation and there is always something a tech missed,did wrong or even skipped altogether, not to mention lack of binding service and care by the user. add into the mix all the other factors and you've got a snowballs chance in h$ll.
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Operation Extreme Redundancy Shall Carry On

No, and as said above this is not the place that anyone would want to admit it. You probably wont win due to all of the factors that were listed above. Skier ability and installation are key factors. You could argue either way until you are blue int he face but my guess is that the average consumer does not have the time or money to spend on a lawsuit against any binding manufacturer. Your money would be better spent on a good doctor for surgery, rehab, time in the weight room (lifting/running/balance training... etc), new bindings, and lessons. As was said above it is a dangerous sport and i doubt that any arguement could hold up in a court of law, there are just too many variables.

99% of skiers will blame equipement failure before they will blame user error, when in reality 99% of the time it is in fact user error that causes problems. Errors such as skiing beyond your ability in terms of terrain, not skiing with proper technique (can often be very harmful), trying not to fall when the writing is ont he wall that youre going down.... etc etc. A lot of injuries occurr when a skier freezes and refuses to let themselves fall. That is why backwards twisters are so harmful - the skier fights to stay on their feet, and the bindings still have a proper weight distribution on them so they dont know if you are falling or not. In recent years people are getting too used to technology taking over for them (computers in cars and such), I hope that skiing isnt the next frontier in which a computerchip will take over for that big neuron cluster in your head.


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Well said!
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Honestly, it's the people who file lawsuits for anything who bury a sport long term.
This is like sueing a resort which has an open bounds policy for an off-piste accident or a tire manufacturer on ditching your car on wet or icy road conditions.
Instead, everybody should do his/her best to back off people with such a mindset.
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where's your sign
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