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PR or SP or B3?

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Looks like my Pocket Rockets are going to be warrantied due to a mismount of the bindings when I had them in for a binding repair. Salomon is all out of the PR's right now so have given me a store credit. I can rebuy them in the fall when they get their 2005 stock in or buy something else.

I rode the PR's last season and had a blast on them. They were great for powder skiing in the trees, but sometimes made me wish for something stiffer when the snow was tracked out and heavier.

Now that I have a chance to rebuy something else, I'm debating whether to stay with the PR's or move into something else like the Seth Pistol or Rossi B3.

I havent skied the SP's but hear they are a lot like the PR's but a bit stiffer. I've only had a chance do a couple runs on the B3's under hardpack conditions which are not what they are made for.

Any suggestions or advice from anyone who may have skied either of these skis? I'm 5'6' & 140lbs ~level 7 skier. My home mountain is Whistler and my favourite terrain tree skiing.
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If you want something that is like the PR, but stiffer, you may want to get the Volkl Karma. I thought it was very PR like, but stiffer. I thik the Pistol is quite a bit wider, so may be less of an all around ski than the PR is.
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Definitely check out the Head Mad Trix Mojo for a worthy alternative to the PR. Same width underfoot, and moderately stiffer (being a head v salomon) make it a more versatile allrounder in my opinion. This would be especially so in heavier coastal snow. Having said that, as a 140lb pound keen tree skier, this increased performance in crud will simultaneously decrease your ability to whip quick turns in tight spots as you are able to on a softer ski like the PR.

Seth pistol is wider by 5mm underfoot, so yeah it is going to be a little less versatile, but this difference in width is really only going to be a significant factor edge to edge on hardpack, which is obviously not what you will beusing the skis for. The pistol too is slightly stiffer than the PR IMO, but I have only had limited experience with them in very different conditions than the PR so hard to make a decent comparison.

I actually ski the B3 myself in 178 (I am 5'11 and 165lb) and really enjoy them for their power and smooth feeling. Definitely a heavier ski than the PR, but much more capable of blasting heavy crud and trucking through anything and everything at high speed. I personally think that they are a blast in the trees because you can really be aggressive on them, but not as nimble by far as the PR, and also the Mad Trix by less of a margin.

Good Luck choosing!
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How about the Head Mojo? I'm going to be in this market soon and I'm looking primarily at the Mojo, but I'd like more info on the Karma as well...

(I wrote that last post while the above was being posted...)
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Go with the Pistol. if you are worried about graphics, spraypaint sticks well to k2 topsheets. They arent a lot wider at all than the PRs, but the third year of them, (the ones released this december) will have different flex, dimensions, etc. so get em now.

I have heard the Mojo would is a worthy stick too, so check those out. i would say demo them all if you can.

-Mammoth Cruzer jr.
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So are you saying that the older SP is better than the newer ones?

I always try to demo first, but with fatties, good luck trying to find a pair to demo on a powder day Then when you can get a pair to try, it's usually on a hardpack day.
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with fatties, good luck trying to find a pair to demo on a powder day
You're telling me - I worked at a demo shop last season, and the number of people who would turn up at 10:30 with 16" fresh and wonder why we had no pocket rockets left never ceased to amaze me.

We just recently got our shipment of v-karmas in down here in Australia, and whilst I haven't ridden them, they look and feel like a sweet ski to me. Beefy volkl flex feels good - my initial reaction to them is that they would do very nicely as an allround ski.
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My fatty story


A few years back I rode the 175 PR and loved them for trees and tight steeps, where I wasn't in to straight-lining. On a whim, I purchased a pair of 179 SP's (first year) and immediately decided to sell the PR's. The Pistols are super easy to ride, like the PR's, but the different flex (softer tip/stiffer tail) made them more versatile than the PR's and much better at speed. I have since purchased a 189 SP that skis much different and longer than the 179. It is fun on deep days in wide open terrain, but not as nimble in the trees.

Finally, just last season, I purchased a pair of 180 Volkl Explosives. Now these are big mountain skis...and I only ski the 180! They do everything that the Pistols do, just better and with rock solid stability. I even think that they are fine on the groomers. I'll probably sell one or both pairs of my Pistols to make room for a 190 Explosive or longer Gotama.

BTW...175 lbs / 5' 8" and I can damn near stick my 540's...I ski at Mammoth and Tahoe, so my snow and terrain are similar to yours...there's just less of it.
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