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Alpine Technical Video

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I'm looking to update my video library and was thinking of adding the Alpine Technical Video from PSIA. Any comments pro or con on this material would be appreciated.
I'm posting this here to help Fastman get the post count up in the ST&I forums.
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I have that video in my library and I find it a great reference. If you can contact your examiners and trainers I bet they also have videos that they might be able to share with you. A lot of the trainers and examiners in our area video taped each other and the team tryouts that would also be great aids for MA and references.

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Thanks for your input. I placed my order today.
How's the leg doing? You going to be good to go for next season?
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I sure plan to be skiing. I'm planning on going after my LVL 3 again too. I'm real close to losing the crutches and starting to "teach" myself how to walk now.

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