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Is zombie walking popular these days?

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I was sitting at a stoplight the other day when I noticed some teens walking on the sidewalk. There was a guy walking and about 100 feet behind him, a girl of about 16.

Neither of them walked with any upper body movement. No arm swinging at all. I thought this curious and not just a little wierd looking.:

I've since been noticing how people walk, and while out for a bike ride yesterday on the Ashuwillticook Trail, I saw a lady whose upper body was bent sideways, from the hips up, at an alarming angle. She was retirement age, but her arms were swinging. I haven't noticed any older people walking without some kind of arm movement, however, there are some other young people I see walking have that same "zombie walk".

Is this age related? How is their balance while doing other things? Are they at all athletic? Does sedentary activity create this type of walking? Do the people who walk like zombies ever get any exercise? I'm leaning toward that conclusion, but could be way off base.

I want to do a survey....
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That's part of the "Goth" thing! I bet they were both dressed in black or other drab colors (mostly black though) too. Working in a school, I have seen this before. The kids that I know that are true "goth", for the most part seem very depressed and withdrawn. They do not participate in sports, the arts or anything else. It's kind of sad. There are some kids that dress this way, but are not truly "goth", they participate in things and are otherwise normal kids. It seems to be a fairly new Cult type thing...their version of hippies, perhaps.
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Possibly. I saw Jeff doing it today. I thought I was with Rainman for a moment.
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Na, he was just practicing for his upcoming audition as the Tin Man for the remake of "The Wizard of OZ"
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Zombie walking is optimized to work with the new shoes. Arm-swinging walking is old-fashioned, and really only made sense with outdated, low-technology shoes, like leather-soled wing tips. A highly certified instructor can help you get rid of your arm-swinging habits.
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I must be on my edges too much.
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sjjohnston -

I ski on 8 year old Volants with 12 year old Salomon rear-entry boots & a neon one-piece ski outfit. I used to think I was old-school but with the new-schoolers embracing that era of gear I find myself once again hip. Should I be using traditional walking or the zombie walk to get ready for ski season?
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Rio, you're almost ready for the full zombie walk. Remember, no upper body motion. Go fetch the monoski.

(I was actually nervous today when I noticed I only swing ONE arm. Then I remembered the other was for the coffee cup. )
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No wonder my arms don't swing----2 fisted coffee guy I am!
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And he's not kiddin, folks! That man needs an IV drip for java........
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Look at it this way....It's JAVA! It could be something else...
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Ears perk up!!

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...not exactly what I was thinking...but ...
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And just What were you thinking??
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Originally Posted by Bonni
And just What were you thinking??
Where's that devil emoticon when you need it?

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I sure miss the little bugger.
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