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1st trip to Whistler - need advice

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I am planning my first trip to Whistler. I am wondering if anyone can give some recommendations. I am looking for a 2 bedroom condo. I would like to be able to get to the village with either a short walk or bus ride. Priority is proximity to the lifts. Where is the best place you have stayed?

Has anyone had any experience with the extremely canadian ski clinics? What about the whistler/blackcomb kids school? Any good?


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Whistler has a great bus system, easy to get about and most condos not far from the route. IF you take a look at the accomodation maps and the bus route map you can find something that fits in your budget


I have a place in the Legends in Creekside. Can't get any closer to the Creekside gondola, but it's not the main village. Skiing Blackcomb requires either a bus ride or going up the gondola, ski down to whistler village, then up blackcomb via excalibur gondola.

One thing to look at as well is proximity to one of the grocery stores in Whistler. There's on in Marketplace, in the main village, in creekside, and nesters.

The best place I stayed before buying my place was the Gables. Its just across the road from blackcomb base, very convenient, but also private. I've also stayed at stoney creek, chateau whistler, glacier lodge, delta, and a few more that I can't remember.

Extremely Canadian is great. I've done it 5 or 6 times by now, maybe more. Great skiers and they will show you areas you would not find on your own. They will bring it up to whatever level you and the group you're with can ski at.

No experience with kids ski school, but they look like they're having fun whenever i see them on the hill. whistler kids have they're own areas at whister (mid mountain), creekside, and blackcomb)

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My favorite is the Pan Pacific, Second is the Westin!

Both the closest to the lifts in the main Village and first class but can be spendy!
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Deep Deeper, I kinda have to laugh reading your post. Looking for a 2br condo with a short walk or bus ride to the village? There are a few thousand of those. Priority is proximity to lifts? About 3/4 of the accomodation in town is a <5 minute walk to one of the bases. Extremely Canadian and Whistler Kids? The best programs in the industry.

You can ask people for recommendations, and everyone will state the hotel they've stayed at before and the restaurants they went to and the parts of the mountain they skied. That's because they're all good. Businesses that do not give top service in that town just don't make it.

The downsides of Whistler are high prices (though cheap compared to US & Euro resorts, I'm told), possible inclement weather, and crowds during peak times. Take advantage of discounts (not hard to find), go in February or early March, avoid weekends and US holidays and you should have a splendid time.
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Whsitler Kids, GREAT!!!!!!!!! Time of year you go will help you decide between staying in Whistler Village or Blackcomb (Whistler takes kids up tthe Gondola every morning to their "own" kid's area); Blackcomb may be dry at base at times.

Pan Pacific,Whistler and Westin,Blackcomb EXCELLENT, but very expensive.

Balckcomb Lodge in Whistler cheap and very convenient. Aspens in Blackcomb very nice.

Look at the maps and enjoy the planning, it's almost as much fun as being there!
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Originally Posted by Gpaul
.... Look at the maps and enjoy the planning, it's almost as much fun as being there!
My first trip to w/b was through a packager, airline, hotel, lift tickets, transfers ... all arranged. From then on I did it all myself. I really did enjoy checking what was available and then looking it up on the village map.

For alternate rental sources take a look at alluradirect.com. This is a direct to owner rental group, rates are usually better than w/b reservations. I used this group twice in the past and was quite happy with them.

If you come up with any potentials post them! . I'm sure someone here will have stayed there and can comment.
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Originally Posted by Deep_Deeper
What about the whistler/blackcomb kids school? Any good?

My daughter and I both think that the Whistler Kids Ski program may be the best in North America. She has consistently had good learning experience at every outing with the Whistler Kids Ski program...and, more important, she has always had a GREAT TIME in the Whistler programs, and consequently been willing to push herself harder.

She prefers the Whistler program to the Blackcomb version. But I think that is because we have usually been there in late March and early April, when the Whistler snow conditions mid-mountain have often been better than on Blackcomb.

Maybe we have just lucked out with great instuctors for kids the last 3 years at Whistler. But it seems to me that the consistency of their instructor training and instructor attitudes is very high at Whistler. We had some very mixed experiences with kids programs at Snowbird---which happens to be one of my favorite ski mountains in the US. But a few years back, they had some real "personality" problems with a few of their kids instructors. I hope the situation at Snowbird has been turned around by Maggie Loring, who came there a year or two ago from Colorado to head up the Snowbird Mountain programs.

Have a great time in Whistler.

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Be sure to check out the Ski Esprit program. Its usually a 2-3 day ski clinic with equal emphasis on skill improvement and fun skiing. Its a good way to get lessons and also get a chance to explore the mountain. You'll get to check out areas that you won't find by yourself.

Our whole family do the Ski Esprit each season. Great way to meet people, learn, explore and just have fun.
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Thanks for the info

Thanks so much for the responses. I am enjoying planning the trip, I just wish it was fall allready. I do love summer, but I love it when it starts to rain(here in LA) and snow in the mountains. Can't wait to head to whistler.

I am looking at Late February/Early March for my trip. I usually take my out of state ski trip that time of year (Either Utah or Colorado) Is this a good time to hit Whistler? or would it be better Earlier or Later? I am wondering about the snow/weather conditions. Thanks!
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usually great then. I'll be there. of course my crystal ball is notoriously unreliable.
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I've been there at various times - was there last year at the end of february/ start of march, and we had a mixture of all sorts over the 2 weeks. Started out warm (for the time of year) and foggy with some heavy rain low down (great higher up), then had some sunny weather, followed by colder days of heavy snow and great powder
Low down the conditions weren't great (slushy due to the rain/warm weather) but high up it was fantastic and the trees are ideal for those foggy days.
Year before we went early to mid february and it didn't snow much at all (though heavy snow before we arrived meant it wasn't too bad) except the day we left!!
To avoid missing any decent snow next year we are going for the whole season!!
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I've started spending about of 1/4 of my winter in whistler (5-6 weeks or so). Bound to get some great snow with enough time, but there's always something.

That said the last two years have been subpar, hopefully that means it will rebound this year.
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