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www.whistler-insider.com Would you like to have some input

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I'm asking for your help/critizism/praise/information. Our sites are non profit, because taking money from someone would make it so we cannot be completely honest with skiers/boarders. And you all deserve some honesty.

In a nut shell, we are giving back to skiing what it has given Slider and I the joy we've discovered through the years playing in the powder. Skiing kept me somewhat sane during my time in the Army and Marines. We just want to help you all that share the same thirst for playing in the snow that we do.

And coming up with websites that help all enjoy our sport is what it is all about. We don't take any money from anyone. We put out honest information with honest opinions. If a place is great we say so. If they suck we take them off of the site, and send them an email why we are doing so. Maybe they will get the hint. We are here to help all.

Right now it is tough to get honest information from ski resorts. They say they have packed powder, when our people on the ground tell us it is boiler plate ice. We give out the most honest information possible to help all those skiers/boarders enjoy the everyday skiing vacation/experience they desire and paid for.

Right now we are working on the www.whistler-insider.com website. If you have any suggestions or opinions that would help please give them. But remember we are doing this for free. We pay for it ourselves. We just want to help all those that love to play in snow. And we have thick skins as well. So every idea will be paid 100% attention to no matter how good or bad those opinions may be.

You will get a good idea of how we approach this task of skiing honesty at our www.tremblant-insider.com website. That same kind of info from the Tremblant site, is what we want to put up on the www.whistler-insider.com website. So tells us what you think would benefit the mass's. Good or bad we want your HONEST information. Because isn't that what all should expect considering the amount of money it costs to enjoy sliding on snow.

And please check out the ski test page that we will be doing this year. We have alot, and I do mean alot of buzzing support from ski companys and the media. Finally a test that will give unbiased and honest information from everyday skiers just like you and me.

So tell us what you think. Be kind if you want, or brutal if you have to. Either way the best, most honest info will be passed out to those that love the sport of sliding down a snow covered mtn. And that's what is most important.

Right now I can't wait for it to snow. 8D
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Looks great. Maybe it would be a good idea to include mountain facts on the site. Such a vertical drop, # of trails etc.
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I'm doing major content work for the whistler site now. Slider is just waiting for it all so he can put it up, and finish the graphics. Bare with us a bit. Our goal is the beginning of September to have all the information completed and being 100% operational. From buying groceries, to finding the pharmacy, finding atm's, and some stashes will be listed. The helpful hints page will make things easier, meaning saving money when visiting whistler.

Like buying a BC Provincial coupon book from the parks dept which will save you loads of money on lift tickets. Avi and BC reports. We'll make sure we don't miss anything. But we are only human and having you all checking things and letting us know we missed something truly helps all.
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