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Boots: Atomic B9 Widebody (womens)

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I got some of these boots...they fit me off the rack. I have super wide feet, they are triple e plus, and abnormally small heels, and a smallish ankle. And these boots fit.
After a week or so training, I found that for teaching, I needed the 6th toe area blown out. If I wasn't teaching, they'd have been wide enough. and there was some very slight heel movement so they padded the inside heel. And voila, they fit.
The toe box is a really funny shape, they are actually square at the big toe, so it doesn't push your big toe inwards, which in turn results in the little toe being pushed against the side.
The boots have that funny atomic platform soles and heels, sort of like built in riser plates. Still getting used to that. And they are paleish blue with grey see through tops. Quite understated. The men's ones are black.

I'm finding them a tad soft, but will hold off on getting the cuffs bolted. The mens ones come with adjustments to lock the cuffs, the womens ones have a hole on the inner cuff for this but it has to be added by a tech.

This is a good boot for people with pizza/duck-shaped feet.
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[quote=antThis is a good boot for people with pizza/duck-shaped feet.[/QUOTE]

I have to admit I had a chuckle when I read this, but in all seriousness I'm glad you finally found some boots that are good for you. I've been reading for some time how much problem your other boots were causing you so I'm sure you're relieved. Good fitting boots are important to any skier but to someone like yourself who lives in your boots it's imperative. Hopefully these boots will be your cure-all solution to your foot problems of past. Good luck with your season down under.
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Thanks! Well, sadly, my feet still hurt like hell but that's my feet I guess. But the boots are wide enough, and there's barely any movement now. Sadly, they seem to leak a bit, someone said atomics do that. And there's some lingering doubt about the shin/ankle, there's a bit of tenderness there but I'm just teaching with the ankle buckle undone for now and see if my leg adapts. These are seriously wide boots, with seriously small ankle/heel bits. Very unusual, as most wide fitting boots are not wide enough AND are wide in the ankle/heel as well. It's a great move by atomic and I hope they sell loads of them. The funniest thing is I wandered into the shop, found this boot on the wall, pulled it off, tried it on, it fit....
and I bought it and its twin and walked out of the shop. blardy amazing.
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Boots are wide enough, feet still hurt and pain up on shin. Hmmmmmmm

You need to seriously look at the foot bed and ankle flexion situation. Foot not supported and/or aligned enough maybe pushed forward in the boot some/quite a bit, maybe limited ankle flexion. That can strain the tendons all along the bottom of the foot and manifest in pain running up the shin that MAY feel very much like pressure against the cuff but really just sends you off target for the real culprit (tendon strain).

I know you've probably looked at some or all of this but I strongly suggest you look again and harder. Over and over I have people adamant that they have pressure from the tongue but they're surprised when I can sun my finger in a straight line exactly on the area of most pain simply by tracing the path of the anterior tibialis tendon.

Try a heel lift first if you haven't already, maybe straighten the back of the boot. Some here will jump on the evils of heel lifts but bottom line if it fixes part or all of one or more problems then you're gold. Even if it creates other problems (it can) at least you've determined a direction with the initial spots. If it doesn't help then take it out and no harm done. Never can understand why people get set against them.
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I am acutally using the footbed that came with the boot, and then my podiatrist orthotics (which are 2/3rds length and slide without something to sit in). The orthotics are quite extreme as I have a very collapsed foot. I had footbeds made but they were useless, I used them for half a day.
I have little/no dorsiflexion, but with the orthotics there is something. I have the same footpain as with my old boots, but there is more foothold in these boots, and no pressure points on the 6th toe. The shin pain is new though. It is receding, so easing back on shin pressure seems to be helping. There's just a small patch on the left ankle front now. The softness is a bit annoying. I might still go for a bolt in the cuff.
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