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We're all Bosus on this bus (or: by van to Colorado)

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Well, we made it! LM and MarkXs are now in Dillon, Colorado. At the moment sitting freezing outside a wi-fi equipped starbucks because all the seats inside are taken and we don't have any connectivity at the condo yet.

Quite the trip with 9 Bosus jammed into a GMC Safari along with lots of other weird-looking Pilates stuff, Lisa's clothes and things, some of mine that I'm leaving out here. And of course a greyhound dog, Giselle, in our bus-like van with Greyhound stickers on the side!

Sorry for no posts from the road, but the briefcases with the laptops were buried deep.

A few misadventures, but what's a road trip without any? Just as we're thinking about having LM drive a stretch on the NY thruway our first day, a freakin' deer runs out in front of the van. Quick swervage avoided the venison-burger scenario, but not the time for Lisa to drive "The poor deer!" or me: "the hell with the deer, we could have been killed plus I just got this thing out of the body shop yesterday!"

Then the cruise control goes Stephen King "Christine" on us and locks open, even after hitting the brakes, even after turning it off, even after turning off the car and restarting! Lisa's going to get to know the GMC Dealer in Silverthorne well, I guess.

More later after we get things connected. But we made it, and Mountain Sport Pilates & Fitness is on track for September!
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Enjoy Colorado!
Congratulations on the first part of your move.
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Welcome to Colorado! Have fun getting organized.

Jim Lansdowne
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Are you Bozos or Bosus? If you're Bozos then; men women children all are up against the wall of science! Back from the shadows again........You should never trust a hologram, Barney.

Glad to here you made it safe. I look forward to hearing about your adventures in Summit County.
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Hello you two. Your just in time for one of the busiest weekends of the year.
The fireworks over Dillon Res are fantastic. Lots going on this weekend, have fun and welcome to Summit County.
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Glad to hear you made it there in one piece. (Maybe not the vehicle, but you!) How did Giselle fare on the trip? That's a long trip for a poor dog! I am sure you took stops, not only for you but for the dog as well, but it couldn't have been easy for her.
Well, enjoy your first weekend out there....wasn't it nice that they scheduled fireworks to welcome you.
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: Fare thee well, New Coloradians.

Practice this for the next 18 months:

"Now where is that......???"
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Bad trip. Good story.

Congratulations on a successful landing and best wishes in your new (ad)venture.
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Giselle made it just fine. She loves car rides! The trip was not as boring as I expected. The scenary from western Illinois all the way through to Iowa is quite pretty, and I never realized Iowa is such a beautiful state!

One caveat: in addition to the other minor car problems, there was a strong cross wind. The weight of our clothes and equipment was causing a slight oscillation. Not a big problem when Mark was driving. Then, I took over the wheel in Illinois.

I have a very slight problem with drifting with an equally small problem with over correcting the drift. Not a big deal in a Camry in good weather at 30mph. A very very big deal in a loaded van on the highway at 65mph with a strong crosswind! EEK! Making life even more interesting, someone decided to drive in front of me with half of a double wide mobile home. A few minutes later, the other half pulled up in friont oof me. Great! I'm driving behind a house!

But all in all, I could not believe how decent the good people of Ilonois were about my less than perfect driving. Anywhere else, I would have been called a few choice names.

Mark finally confessed that he'd never been so terrified in his life, and took over. We will be bringing the car to the shop on Monday, when Mark returns to Brookline. The first time I will be driving by myself is when I pick the car up from Silverthorne. I'll give fair warning first!

Summit locals, we will catch up with everyone after we finish up some "mundane tasks."
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So you thought Iowa was pretty? I guess it is, in summer, when it's covered in corn. Seas of green, as far as the eye can see (which is all the way across the state on a clear day). Even better when it's windy, and they are all moving (rough seas!) There wouldn't be many tassels on the corn yet. Try it in August! The interstate is like a bobsled run.....cornstalks would be about 6 feet tall and on both sides of the road for MILES AND MILES.

Drive through it from November to April. It ain't so hot. It's more of a wasteland then, nothing but DIRT and sticks poking out of the ground as far as the eye can see.
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That dust gets into everything too.
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I guess it all comes down to expectations! I thought that most of the trip would look like Nebraska. No offense to Nebraskans, there are some lovely people there. But it felt as if we spent 2 days driving though there, when it was a couple of hours.

Got the studio keys today and took some measurements. Now comes the boring stuff, finding someone to strp the ugly carpet, paint and a couple of odds and ends. Then the fun starts!
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