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What skis?

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I'm a recreational, but fairly good skier, and looking to buy new skis. I'm weighing 195 lbs (88kg) and 6'5" (195cm) tall. I'm what you would call a real slalom 'nut': getting as much turns on the slope as possible. I've done some research, and I'm considering Atomic SL:9's. The Atomic SL:11 seems a bit too much for me. Also, I can re-use the Atomic Xentrix bindings on my current skis which are very good.

Would this be a good choice?

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It sounds like a good choice, though I don't think the 11's will be too much ski for you. If you want to look at other companies, skis I would also consider are:

Fischer Race SL
Head iSL chip
Volkl 5 star
Volkl 6 star
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Good Choice

Stats-185#@5'10": Ability-Better than some not as good as others.
Yes you can use the Atomic bindings.
I have owned the SL 9'12,SX 9 and the R-10 Ti. Ranging from 150-170 cm's. I think all of them are excellent skis and can turn,turn,turn. The SX 9 absorbs any off-piste variables well which just makes you want to ski faster than you every have before in the chop. R-10 model I skied only once this summer in soft conditions and doesn't seem to have a max speed. The faster you go the smooth they are. They put down a nice set of rails and are very quick edge to edge. SL 9'12 Atomics are everything you want in a race ski. Light,quick and rock solid edge grip. Only time I did not enjoy them was in bottomless Cascade Concrete. But 150cms do have their drawbacks.
R-10 Ti in July.
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