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I've finally come to the realization that I need more than an all mountain ski. I've got all mnt's coming out the ying yang! I've been skiing some Rossi all mnt Vipers 9.9 for the past 4 seasons. They are 191's : . Too long to turn quickly. I picked up a pair of B1 demo's (182) for real cheap (scared that they might be too long for quick turns), and have a pair of Volkl 724 Pro's(177) on the way. I demo'd the 724 pro's and loved them in the crud and even the groomers when GSing. But here's the catch. I really love quick fall line turns on steep slopes, on and off piste, and moguls, on both hard and soft snow. I used to ski nothing but slalom racing skis and freestyle moguls skis prior to the whole shaped ski craze. I really miss not being able to turn quickly and easily. (Although I haven't ski'd the B1's yet, or really put the 724 Pro's thru a full test)

Here is my question. What ski and what length would give me all of this. Is there anything in the Volkl or Elan line (I can get a decent price on these), like a P50 or 60 sl, that is both really quick turning, easily maneuverable, and has some decent edge hold at speed. I've been reading alot of really good reviews about Atomic as well here at Epic. I find my Vipers really hold an edge well, carve really well, but the sweet spot is very small and you really have to work them to turn quick. (probably the length). Also, should I consider a really short length, like a 170?

I'm 6'2", 180lbs, advanced/expert. Aggressive. Ski mainly west coast and interior Canada.
Thanks for any feed back.