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Holiday Valley, NY

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I'm going there this winter for a few days. Anyone have any advice?
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It's a fun little place.

They have really cheap lift tickets, and suprisingly good skiing for where they are located. They get plently of snow off of the lakes, and have some good tree runs, and you even get the feeling of moving around the mountain to distictly different areas like you do out west, which you don't normally see in eastern resorts, especially where HV is located.

Downsides would be limited space to sit and eat, and short vertical
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If there for a few days I'd also take a day and ski Holimont. It's just a mile down the road, on the other side of the ridge Holiday is on. It's a private club that allows the public to ski their slopes. Many of the locals prefer it to Holiday.
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Originally Posted by east_skiier04
I'm going there this winter for a few days. Anyone have any advice?
What kind of advice do you seek? HV can be great for a long weekend or midweek visit, though it is not up in the "destination resort" class. The runs are a bit short, but there is great variety, and runs have a lot of character. Nothing too difficult there, though. Great operation, superb lodges and guest services. Town is close by and very fun. As Rick said, Holimont is down the street and good for a mid-day visit.

Place to sit and eat not a real issue. There are many lodges and cafeterias spread all over the place. True, the main lodge cafeteria can get a bit crowded. The Spot Coffee directly downstairs is almost never crowded, though, and serves decent soups and sandwiches along with muffins and bagels. Yodeler lodge cafeteria is less crowded with better food. The newly remodeled Tannebaum lodge is also another choice that serves your basics like burgers, fries, chili, soups, etc.
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