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Utah skiing info requested

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Ladies and gents,

Would anybody be able to provide any info on Brianhead Resort in Utah?
We're planning our first ever skiing vacation, my wife and I - decent beginners, comfortable on green, OK on blue. 12 yo kid - beginner on ski-board (doesn't wanna ski, you know kids these days). Additionally, my wife wants to do some hiking and see parks and canyons, and that's how we came up with that place.
Any feedback would be appreciated.
I am particularly interested if there is a qualified bootfitter in vicinity. Yeah, and canyons too
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Almost went last year, seems like a decent place. Too far from the other resorts though, and they don't get the goods like BCC/LCC.
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written by our own Jamesdeluxe...

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What James said

That article is a good summary of the resort. We went up to Brian Head when we were learning and it is a perfect place to learn. It is basically two peaks with one dedicated to beginners. When we were there, we had what seemed like the entire place to ourselves.

It's an even better place for mountain biking in the summer. Zion NP and Bryce Canyon NP are also very close and worth checking out. Cedar Breaks national monument is a stone's throw from Brian Head and is very cool looking.
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Thanks for replies, everybody.
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YK, sounds like you've picked a nice match for your interests. Would you fly into Vegas or SLC to visit Brian Head? Vegas and a detour on drive up to Grand Canyon would provide lots of non-ski diversions. I have a brother in the San Diego area who has on occasion opted for family ski trips at Brian Head over California resorts like Mammoth because it offered mellow, uncrowded terrain at economical rates. Scenery supposed to be gorgeous. From his location it's only about an hour more drive time than Mammoth (7.5 vs. 6.5 hrs). Very nice Brian Head article by jamesd.

Never been, but have heard good things about Durango Mtn in sw Colorado. It might also fit your ski profile and has Mesa Verde Natl Park and Silverton RR for diversions.
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