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Kitz/Hahnenkamm Question

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Was watching my 2002 Kitzbuhel tape over the weekend and everytime I see this course it's pretty mind-boggling. (If there's a hairier course, I wonder what it is.) My question is this: what is the name of that section that is very close to the final jump and finish that looks like your basic 90 mph traverse all the way across the hill? The racers swing left onto this section.
I couldn't believe the undulations in the terrain in this area, much less flying across it at HALF the speed these guys take into it.
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It might be the Zielschuss, or the traverse leading into the Zielschuss. I think that's the very fast bit that's preceded by a big left-hand turn (after the Hausberg bump) and is immediately before the last bump, just above the finish area.

I've only ever seen it on TV, so I don't know anymore than you do (if that). It sure looks hairy.
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From Fox Hat's link, it looks like the traverse immediately before the Zielschuss is called the "Querfahrt." Presumably that translates better into English than it sounds.
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Fox, I saw that. But no picture of that section, at least not that I could find.

sjjohnston, that sounds right.
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As far as I know, the traverse itself has never had a specific name ("Querfahrt" is just German for "traverse") but yes it's hairy - most memorably, it took down Todd Brooker in 87 and Pietro Vitalini in 95 - that was the time he flew over the fence. Jeff Olson once had a ski pre-release there - scary.
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this tape (coverage by ESPN) includes crash footage, including brooker's (who calls the race w/bob beattie), along with a couple americans getting cracked up, resulting in the US team not allowing steve porino to run the course, which he talks about on the program.
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downhill racing in kitzb├╝hel

the "querfahrt" is actually part of the lower hausberg (the previous hausbergkante is part of the upper hausberg) and leads straight into the zielschuss; pictures from the streif:
is there any tape material or photos from downhill races in kitzb├╝hel in the 70ies or 80ies; i am specially interested in crashes!

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