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TV News and Ski Report

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In the NY City Metropolitan area and even Albany NY, the TV news NEVER has ski condition report. Its strange because many ski area are not that far away.

You go to other places like Utah and Wyoming and you see the ski condition report is always on the TV news.

Does Boston, LA, San Fran, Chicago metropolitan area TV news have ski condition reports and if so how often? Is it before during or right after the weather report? What about where you live, any ski conditions reported on the TV nightly news?
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Boston has ski reports on local TV but not DC. It was the only reason I watched local news in Boston--they would come right after the local weather and it was always interesting to hear the spin that the local weathermen would put on those reports.

BTW, some of the skiers in DC detest local weathermen who wax eloquently about winter warm fronts. There's a strand on it here:


More here about the difference between Boston and DC weather people (many skiers in DC are transplants from New England or Colorado):

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Been my experience that most snow reports are inaccurate. More often than not the ski areas like to estimate on the high side and who really knows what 'Packed Powder' or "Frozen Granular' really is. So why base your trip on propaganda?

First thing is not to base your trip on the fact that you don't have snow in your yard, or that it snowed 6-12", (how many times does that happen?) Remember that all NE ski areas make snow. Man made snow is the same no matter what ski area makes it. Find out the temperature in the region you want to go to. The colder the temperature the more likly there will be tons of fresh dry man made snow. If it's in the mid to high 20's the snow will be sticky for a day or two and very tricky. Bottom line is, leave your ski's in you car and just go. You won't really know until you get there.
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Originally Posted by Bryan
Been my experience that most snow reports are inaccurate.
Bryan I hear you. A snow report would at least start people thinking and may get parents and kids out to get some exercise. Sometime people need a push to get out and do something. At least a Thursday night ski report for the weekend.
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Originally Posted by Bryan
First thing is not to base your trip on the fact that you don't have snow in your yard
You got that one right. If that were my criterion, I'd never ski.
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Catskill Mountains... I can't even get a decent cell phone signal in and around the area so I really can't hold the 'no snow report' thing against them.
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