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Have you ever owned a car that was worth less than your ski equipment?

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I have. It's kind of sad to think of though. In 1994, I had an '88 Chevy Spectrum with 220,000 miles (plus) on it...at least that is where the odometer stopped. That fall I purchased brand new Volant skis, with Marker bindings. I think the combined retail was close to $1000. I also had Dachstein Pro 66 boots which retailed for around $350, complete with custom insoles. When I traded this car in March of 1995, they gave me $400, I think that was a sympathy payment too, as it was running on only 3 cylinders and the book value was about $400 for this car with MUCH less mileage.
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Sure. I had a '87 Toyota 4Runner with more rust than metal. Paid a thousand for it. Put 25,000 miles on it before it melted. My Tule rack on top of it was worth as much as the car. Put my Merlin and my friend's Litespeed bikes on it and the value goes up by 10 fold.
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The real question for this board is have you ever owned a car worth more than your ski equipment?
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Originally Posted by PRAGMATICSKIER
The real question for this board is have you ever owned a car worth more than your ski equipment?
In Monetary value, YES...otherwise, no. My skis mean a lot more to me than my car...although I do need my car in order to use my skis.
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Are you talking 1 set up or what is in the basement? I have a Montana Ski Tuning Machine that origionally cost about $8,000.00 I have over 30 pair of unmounted skis in the basement. Average retail for them...$500.00/pr. I have more is ski equipement than some small countries have in debt.

Past that I bought a Miata for $1,000.00, which was less than 1 set up. So I can look at this from either end.
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Sure, our 2nd car (my wifes daily commuter) is a 92 Corolla with approx. 175k on the dial.

Our ski stuff ( not even really great gear ) is easily worth 5-10 times as much as the car.
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My 89' maxima (I just upgraded from last week) is worth about a grand. When I would travel to an away race in it, I would have about 4 grand of gear inside!
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'93 Ford Taurus - worth about $1500... maybe. 8 pairs of mounted skis currently - 6 race skis - 4 of which are race stock... definitely own ski equipement that costs more than the car... BUT the car gets me to the ski resort, so technically that could be priceless.
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1 set-up for 1 person!
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I sold a car to go to the first EpicSki Academy.

Talk about a wise investment!
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The second car I ever owned was a 1969 Pontiac LeMans. I bought it for $14 and my Pink Floyd The Wall album. I got robbed......................
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One of my best ski trips was in a 1973 FIAT 128 station wagon that I got for nothing and put an engine in. I went from Madison WI to my sister's in Denver and day-tripped to WP and Summit County. Next, on to Jackson Hole and then home.
I took enough spare parts to rebuild the car. When I asked the local parts guy if he could think of anything else, he said "take the title and airfare".
Near Fort Morgan CO slushy snow, coming past the headlight opening, bridged from the coil to ground and shorted the ignition. I built a shield with a copy of Ski Racing and duc tape, sprayed the ignition with WD 40 and went on.
On my way to Jackson I would pull up even with the front of a semi then hit the "wall of air" coming off the front and not be able to pass until an uphill slowed the semi. As I left the Interstate at Rock Springs I discovered the one part I had forgotten, a fan belt. Fortunatly the was an auto parts store just about to close. While they didn't have FIAT parts, a belt from a Minniapolis Moline worked just fine.
The rest of the trip was uneventful. I made it from JH to Madison in 25 hours solo.
The little car was never quite the same though. It used lots of oil after that and eventually I put a newer engine in it. When it finally rusted beyond repair I replaced it with a Yugo.
That's another "story". (a good one I might add)
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Yes. My current car is worth less than I spent on my latest ski/binding and boot purchase.

I've owned that car for 16 years, and still drive it daily. In fact, I think the recently purchased new set of front tires are worth more than the car....
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I have a guitar worth more than my car, but then my car is only worth about $20,000
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Sure, My previous car was an old Subaru. I cannot even remember the year. Had about 150K miles, one oil change, stuffing coming out of the seats. Ran it into the ground, donated it. It was basically worthless.

I am getting close on the car I have now. 95 Chrysler, 102K miles, still runs though I keep threatening to trade it in but it is paid for so...
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You must be quite a guitar player. :
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Well I can see where the priorities are for skiers.
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Slatz, no, but I do like good guitars...
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I once had a 1958 Chevy, and a pair of Head 360 (yellow base) skis with rental bindings. Every time I filled up in Vermont, I was told my skis were worth more than the car.
Actually, every time I filled up, the value of the car doubled.

Regards, John
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Yep, I own a 1992 Saturn SL1 with 278,000 miles on the original engine for my daily commute. It's probably worth $500. I also own a pair of Volkl 6*'s that are worth at least as much used.
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hyjack-I was with my wife and 1 of her friends at a horse show recently and this old P/U and horse trailer pulls up. I says, "boy I bet they've got some old rank horse in there". The 2 girls look at me and said, You just never know what might be in that trailer." end hyjack. Kind of reminded me of this thread.
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WTFH, I have 5 guitars and altogether they aren't worth 1/10 of my car. What do ou have, an old Stratocaster formerly owned by EC?

Back in the days when I was driving an ancient Chevy truck, or rusted out Toyotas, I was skiing on some pretty old, pretty inexpensive set-ups. Now that I have decent gear, I've also got a much newer vehicle so the balance ramains the same.
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Crank, close.
My main electric is a Pensa MK Strat, with gold hardware, and a sound to die for. Second electric is a Godin prototype Tele

Main acoustic is a Taylor 614
Second is a Guild F4CE
Third is an Ibanez Anniversary

and I've a couple of others...
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Electric: My main guitar is a Schecter Strat (gold plated hardware worn through of course) #2, Epiphone Sorento

Acoustic: #1 Guild G37 blonde maple body with a spruce top #2 Epiphone (basic trhow in the car beach and ski trip guitar) #3 a small thing called a Kalamazoo. I just dug it out of mothballs last week to fix up for my son to learn on.

Yes my guitars are worth more than my skis. Maybe we should start listing our ski rigs here...

Skis: 2 year old Solomon Crossmax Pilots

Boots: 15 year old Lang TII's, (I get in 10-20 days a year so I don't go through 'em like some of you 60-120 days a year ski pros... yes I am jealous.)

Board: 3-year old Solomon W-4.

Board Boots: Rossi's

So at retail I've got about $2000.00 into gear.

We have a 1990 Honda Prelude si that's worth about 2k right now so it's close.
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Well, my oldest ar 4 year old Fischer Spyders (skiboards)
Then there's a pair of 2002 Salomon 3Vs
And a pair of 6 month old Seth Pistols
18 month old Technica Icon Alu Comp boots
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4 y/o volkls and marker bindings 300 bucks maybe

Nordica doberman Jr boots 2 y/o 150 tops---I have a really small foot!

Lib Tech "Tear Yea" board
Burton Boots and bindings

Whole thang 200 tops

won poles at ETU last december

Ford P/u 12K

Guess I missed on this thread eh?

However, been there done that for many years!

Forgot the most important thang!

New wife priceless!
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The thing is, given the price of gas over her, my car varies in value by about $120 depending on whether the tank is full or empty... (and it's only a 20gal (US) tank)
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Elan MBX Light Speed 200's w/ Salomon 912's

Volkl G3 177's w/ Marker piston 1200

Salomon Performa 8.0 w/ custom footbeds

Any one of them still worth double my LeMans
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I drive a 93 astro AWD van. It may or may not be worth more than the whole of all of my ski gear retail.

-Mammoth Cruzer Jr.
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Kima--150,000 miles and one oil change? Tsk, tsk.

I used to climb with a guy who claimed he wouldn't own a car more expensive than his best camera lense. Of course, the conversation started when I stuck my feet through the cardboard covering the rusted out floorboards on the passenger side. And he had to buy a "new" (using the word very, very loosely) car every year or so.
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