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Because we love snow
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1st chair on a powder day!
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'cause I am a 'fraidy-cat in life and the mountain is a place to face my self and slowly, measurable reach toward less 'fraidy-cattness. i am so proud i can ski!
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Since I'm a terrain park skier:

The thrill of floating through the air.
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Once you started there is no point of return.
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There is no past, no future...just the alpine environment, gravity, you, and your skis....and you don't have to initiate momentum:
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The Feeling

That awesome feeling of excitement that you get deep inside, it makes you smile , it makes you happy, it excites you, it gets your blood pumping. It makes your dreams really nice.
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I've been at it so long I forgot why I ski. Probably because it's the most wonderfully frustrating sport I've ever been able to accomplish anything in. Maybe it's because I love snow?? Oh yeah.... now I remember, when I was in college the legal drinking age in Vt. was 18 still, while it was 21 at home. So I guess...... to Party!!! Viva apres ski!!!!
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If not for skiing, this forum would not exist, and a lot of people would have to Work at work instead of surf!
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I love to ski! It is exhilirating, fun, and beautiful out on those mountains! Plus: my boyfriend taught me how to ski. We always go together and it is an activity that we both love and have in common. So there is the togetherness in skiing that is nice. However, it can be peacful when you are on a portion of the mountain that is not overly crowded.
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because we love to play in the snow

100'th post
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Originally Posted by Jamesj
It makes me feel alive. Alive like I've got poison ivy all over my back, like I've got ants in my pants, like I've got fleas crawling all over my belly, like I've got a thousand nits burrowing into my scalp. Alive I tell you.
That's what I'm talking about. Feeling alive! And the bumps!
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I don't know what exactly it is that compells me. I guess more than anything else its the exhilaration of coming down the hill , the feel of your skis carving on the snow , powder,soft hero bumps. Maybe frozen granular puts a damper on things. I guess I have always felt fortunate that I have had the opportunity to ski a good bit every year.

The excitement and exhilaration of the upcoming season. I'm heading out Friday night for 3 days at Vail and I'm stoked and excited, I can't wait.

Nothing else I've done can compare to the thrills and excitement skiing has provided me. IMHO we are all blessed that we can ski, I've yet to discover anything else that comes close.
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Yes! Have fun at Vail!
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