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wait a second. if i don't come? What's that all about. i was going to buy the hot chocolate (not really). i'm not feeling loved here. Ron, i'm thinking Phil wants no part of a free ticket at Blue. Heck I'd take a free ticket to Spring Mountain if offered one!
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FREE IS GOOD! PA- how many beers does that 45ish dollars buy?
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Andrew if you are going to 7 Springs pay the extra buck or two and stay on sight. It is few $$$ more but well worth it. A great resort with reasonable prices. I don't feel bad after I left like I just got gouged, like at Snowshoe!!! Now if you want someone to go off on a tangent, Snowshoe as opposed to Blue is something I don’t mind venting about!!!
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Yeah, just watch out for the mud in between the trees :
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Hey Ron. At Blue? maybe 2 beers. The lift ticket prices aren't that bad but the food, etc sure is. Ullr feel free to vent about Snowshoe. I've never been (only because the time it would take me to get there I could be in New England and New England comes to mind over Virginia when planning a ski trip) but anyway I was thinking about it and I'd like to hear some negative.
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PRICES ARE OUTRAGOUS!!!!!!! The wife and I looked into it last year, at a three-bedroom condo (not even slope side) $3000 for 6 nights!!!!! Tiny tots ski school for a 4 & 5 year old was like $50 a day but did not include equipment or lift ticket. Food and drinks tons of choices, but kind of pricy.

Matt talked me into 7 Springs instead. Slope side condo ski in and ski out $980 for 5 nights. Tiny tots ski school for my kids $80 a day but included 4 hours of lessons, lunch, snacks, and fun time entertainment (crafts games toys they got to take home), equipment, all day lift tickets (BTW all day at the Springs is 9 - 7pm, not 4:30pm like other places). Wife got private lessons from a level 4 instructor all week for like $400. The runs are a little shorter at 7 Springs than Snowshoe but just about the same degree of difficulty.

If you like a lot of aspre and not a lot of challenging terrain then the Shoe is for you!
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Besides Cupp and Shay's, Snowshoe (the basin side) maxes out at 800 ft at the most on Widowmaker. Most other runs there are short and lead to congested runouts. I'd bet the 7Springs has about as much vertical as the basin side of Snowshoe...
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This is what I suggest

: As a fellow Pennsylvanian - This has been my experience, If you are truly looking for the best places to ski in PA. 7 springs is the best resort close to State College. After that it is ELK hands down. Why? not because the terrain is better or steeper etc. let's face it the limiting factor here in PA is snow conditions. If there is any decent snow in PA it is either gonna be in the West near 7 springs or at Elk which is so remote and far north that you get no heat bubble effect from near by towns etc. Like - PA ridge racer said, It can be a ...dog to get to during the winter. I skied there three times, every time I have gone it was dumping and the access roads from Rt 81 to the hill were snow covered and barely plowed. What a Blast!! - but be careful, go slow because the road is a real small sunken, twisty thing that likes to eat cars. Listen Blue is a great little mt. - cool runs like sidwinder (even though they turned the thing into a stinkin circus), one or two steeps and nice bumbs on mainstreet. But unless there has been a nice long cold spell or a recent dump, their snow is gonna be crap. They are farther southeast than the other resorts mentioned here and there man made snow quality just never seems to be that good. Don't get me wrong I go their alot but for the drive you are making I think it would worth the extra time.

If you want a cool little weekend trip here is my suggestion. Drive up to Scranton Stay at one of the hotels in the city or near Montage (The station is real nice in Scranton - a radison hotel or there is a mariot Courtyard at the base of Montage Mt.) Then you will have some bars etc. at night. Hit Montage one day and hit Elk the next. Elk is probably 35min drive North on Rt 81 from Scranton, and Montage is probably 10 min drive from downtown. That way you won't get sick of one or the other, and you won't have to worry if the weather is bad (Elks access road). Though I would go for it if you have a 4X4. Montage has a real nice group of advanced slopes at the bottom of the Mt. with their own lift. It is a real nice set up because it keeps alot of the slower skiers off the faster slopes which makes everyone safer. Think Snow!
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Nice post Wan2ski! It's great to see fellow Pennsylvanians chime in on the ski areas here. Elk is so far north that they actually get some of the lake effect snow off of lake Erie as well. They get the most snow of all the areas in eastern PA. I remember chatting with a security guy at Blue. This guy has skied just about everywhere and even he was raving about Elk. You would think the remoteness of Elk and the fact that it's not fun driving there in bad weather would warrant some slopeside or base lodging, especially since it is some good skiing. There is nothing like waking up, throwing your skis over your shoulder and walking to the lifts.
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For Eastern PA skiing Elk is the best. Tunkhannock (under the quad/double chair?) and Seneca are my two favorite trails there. But for me it takes 3 hr to get to Elk, 3:45 to get to Hunter. There is a bigger difference from Hunter to Elk, then there is from Elk to Blue/Camelback. Only places where Elk is laking is the uphill capacity and that aweful parking lot/shuttle set up.
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Hey good to see PA-Racer and Phil getting agreeing on something! Hmm, there could be hope on the Blue outing afterall???
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Oh, I'm down with the Blue outing. I'll probably be there many times this season so maybe there can be more than one outing. I'm even considering a season pass if I can swing it. If I do get a pass though that might make my trip to whiteface an afterthought.
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PA-Racer, Call Blue and tell them you will buy now but you want the returning member price. They might do it. BTW- are you on the adult team up there?
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I havent decided as to weather or not to get the pass yet. Plus I have to see if I can fit one in the budget. No I'm not on a team but was thinking maybe in the future. I really don't know anyone on a team either. Are you? How exactly does it work?
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I don't know how old you are but there is an adult racing team. I don't think they compete too seriously(?). I would love to join but being an hour away and they practice during the week at night, it's tough. I also need to get my back fixed first. Hopefully by end of August I should have a pretty good idea of the % of recovery I will have following surgery. Dr. thinks 80% chance of 90-95% recovery. I would take that!
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I remember on one night there I watched the Race team do their thing down Raceway (the trail of course). They were all pretty darn good. I think that was the team that actually skis the PA cup races or whatever it's called. some of them even had on the spider team USA tights (yikes! I'm having a Dumb and Dumber flashback). But I'm definitely an adult - 27. I did read about the adult team on their site which would probably be best suited for me. Oh and Ron, get well soon. I hope your back is 100% for the upcoming season. Is this a ski injury?
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They race now on Razors edge. I'm 40 so I guess that puts me in the old man league I plan to be back 110%, I injured it shoveling mulch at home, boring huh? This will be my 5th operation in 12 years (shoulder 2x, ulner nerve, re-attach torn ligaments). I need to stop breaking. BUt at this rate, I'll have a re-built chasis by the time I'm 60 and I'll ski till I'm 100.
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Hey Ron at 40 your hardly an old man and you're never too old to ski.
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Thanks PA, I don't feel old and I don't ski old, but I have had to ski a lot more carefully which sucks but you have that nagging notion in your head that if you fall you may serously hurt yourself. I think I made it through the whole season (20 days) with only falling 1 or 2 times which means your not skiing aggressively or learning new stuff. Anyway, you should join the team if you can. I would love to race. Hopefully Blue will add or change a lift or two and the conditions will be as good as they were last season. I look forward to falling more this season
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Just stay out of Blue's insane terrain park. Landing on some of those jumps might not help matters. I'll consider the race team in the future probably. Right now I'm trying to justify a season pass.
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a that's easy, just do the math and then look at it as an incentive to ski more. Another important cost factor is; Wht is the value of not waiting in line for lift tickets? I know that's worth something to me
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Wait a second. You dont have to wait in line if you have a pass? Then thats priceless. Although I've never really had a problem with lines at Blue.
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PA- waiting in line to buy the pass. Some mornings it can really suck. With the pass, you just go in, put the boots on and roll.
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oh, duh, yeah that's priceless too. that could waste up to 20 minutes of your time
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That's my point. It's a pain the pass. It gets really bad on those days when all of the groups show up and they clog the lobby poking everyone with their skis and poles. It's more dangerous than when they get out on the slopes.")
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Reserection time... Any of you coming to our Philly get together? If You do.. I WILL take you up on the Blue offer. Philly get together Pa...you up for it?
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Phil, I would but it's not going to work for me. Let's try to find a good day to ski. I really need to get a good day in before ski school on 12/11. Right now, Blue is scheduled to open on December 1, weather permitting.
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I'd definitely go Phil but I'm not really close in proximity to Philly. But I'll do an outing on the snow.
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Originally Posted by PA Ridge Racer
I'd definitely go Phil but I'm not really close in proximity to Philly.
Where are you?
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
Where are you?
Northeast PA.
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