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Golf in PA......

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What do you think the best place to golf in PA is? Preferably central PA since thats where I am, but I would be willing to travel annywhere in the state for some great golf.
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I played Merion's East course earlier this month. A pretty good track.

BTW, Kicked my butt real good.
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Check out www.4gea.com It's a golf BB like this one is to skiing. We are having an outing in your area July 17 at Toftrees. Got a killer rate of $49. Look in the "Greg's Gang" playing partners folder for the Toftrees thread. Grasschopper is heading it up and lives in State College. Sign up if you want to play.

Unfortunately, where you live you are sort of golf course challenged. Some good courses within 2-3 hours of you are:

Dauphin Highlands
7 Springs (yes, the ski resort)
Mystic Rock
Links at Spring Church
Most of these are Pittsburgh area but DH is in York I believe.

Shoot straight across 80 West to Sharon PA and you have a weekend's worth of golf with cheap lodging packages:
Yankee Run
Tam O' Shanter
Hickory VFW
Reserve Run
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Thanks for all the info guys
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Originally Posted by east_skiier04
Thanks for all the info guys
No problem, definitely sign up as a GEA member, it's a really good site. There are quite a few regular posters from the SC/Central PA area that can give you better reviews on the courses closer to you especially stuff to the East that I don't know about.
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