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Atomic Neox Binding adjustments

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I probably won't be getting too many responses to this one right now, seeing has how it's summer and the Neox binding is so new, but here it goes.

Does anyone know how to set the forward pressure on the Neox binding? I know that with last year's Xentrix binding, you would snug up the heel piece to the boot, snap it in and then adjust the screw on the back of the binding till it was flush with the housing.

The Neox appears to be different, and there is no manual provided anymore for end user adjustment.

What I've done is put the toe of the boot in the toe piece, then snug the heel piece up to the back of the boot. Anyone know if this correct?

Also are there any other adjustments that need to be done ?
(ie. boot sole/AFD clearance, wing width or other?)
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I don't beleive there are any adjustments for toe height or toe wings. Like the old Atomic's or Salomon's wings(the Salomon always goes out of adjustment)

The boot sole length adjustment is very similar to the existing Atomic "Device" series bindings. There is a center screw that adjusts the toe & heel from the center based on markings on the center of the binding corresponding to boot sole length. There is also a center sole mark on the binding to line up your boot sole center. You can adjust this fore or aft or right on the center mark. Certainly not as convenient as the old "Variozone" system in regard to moving your ski postion on the ski!

I think there is still a screw in the rear of the heel piece for fine forward pressure adjustment. I was told on all of our existing Race 6.14 bindings to set the screw flush initially and then turn an additional 1 to 2 clicks in for proper forward pressure.
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I've done some more checking and it seems you are right. The binding adjusts very much like the 'device' bindings. Just slide the toe and heel sections to their corresponding boot sole length markings.

No more varizone with the Neox series, which is really too bad because you can no longer do on-the-hill adjustments fore and aft. I used to like to play with the binding positioning depending on snow conditions. You now need a screw driver to make any adjustments. Also gone is the backward release.

On the plus side, the binding looks like an improvement over the Xentrix. The toe piece has wider range of lateral movement and the heel piece snaps the boot solidly into the binding, much like the Salomon binding. Forward pressure fine tuning doesn't look like it will be as much of an issue like it was with the older Atomic bindings. There is a screw at the back of the heel which allows you to adjust the forward pressure to whatever you want.

I didn't like all the plastic on the top of the toe piece, it's like asking to get broken off.

Just need to be able to ski it now
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Apparently there are 3 skiing positions, but as you say, on hill adjustments would be fairly impractical.

I really don't remeber a ton of plastic on the NEOX toe, but it has been awhile since I demoed th B5 Metron & the M11.

I am not sure forward pressure issues will be any different. The old bindings had a rear screww too! Althopugh we had no problem with any of ours.

Only time will tell.
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anyone have pics of these puppies?
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Go to www.atomicsnow.com Hit enter, product, Alpine, Binding and your there!
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Hmmm, now to ski the new Volant version or some Salomon 912.s I have?
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i can tell ya

they do adjust like a device...sort of. there is a raised ridge where you'd line up they numbers on the bands for a centered position and an indented mark for 1 centimeter forward.(2 position but no more on the fly).
forward pressure is flush with the inner most part of the housing.
auto toe height...the end.
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thanks... I got a reply from the shop where I got the skis and it is exactly as you have stated.

It turns out the shop didn't exactly have it all setup correctly for me, which makes me glad I double checked. They had mounted it 1cm forward because they had set the markings to the wrong boot sole length. It was easily corrected once I figured out the adjustments. The binding mounts onto a plastic plate on the ski and can be adjusted for any boot sole length and any longitudinal position you wish just by sliding the toe & heel pieces, similar to demo bindings.

I would have been pissed if the binding wasnt adjustable and it was mismounted. This makes the 3rd time that a shop has mismounted bindings in one way or another (different shops). My daughter's skis were mounted w/o using any jig for aligning the bindings, so everything was off. My PR's had the screws driven through the base because Salomon had shipped the wrong length screws with some replacement bindings.

I always make a point of closely checking the bindings now.
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I must have too much free time on my hands. But I was noticing that the new M:11 seemed to have the bindings mounted a lot more forward than my R:11's. They are probably a good 4-5cm more forward mounted than my R:11's when both are set to the regular boot center mark.

I pull out the measuring tape and found that the M:11's recommended boot sole center mark out to also be close my ball of foot center. Maybe they've been reading Peter Keelty's binding mounting article too?

Normally the Atomics have their recommended mounting point quite a bit further back than other manufacturers like Salomon & Rossi.

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put a tape measure on what? what size r11 & m11 you have? when atomic race, device and neox are mounted the toe goes on first(each ski size in a different location) so they are ,in essence, a toe mount. the centered and 1 cm fwd. mark on neox are for reference only. you may find a few boot mid-sole marks that line up but only by coincidence.
although the m11 is the direct replacement for the r11 they are two completely different animals, comparing mounting locations,even on like sized skis, is really apples & oranges
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I have a similar response to logruve. There are no corresponding lengths between the R11 & M11. The r11 comes in a 160, 170 & 180. the M11 comes in a 152, 162, 172. How can you compare?
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I was looking at the 160 - R11 and 162 M11, and measuring the actual running (snow contact) length divided by 2, not the length of the ski for finding the ball of foot center.

I didn't use the Neox binding marks (black plastic piece) to line up the boot. I know that those markings are reference when moving the sliding bands to the correct boot sole length, as you said. There's a mark on the top of orange plastic plate which does happen to line up with the boot mid sole mark when you have the sliding bands set to the correct boot length. The indented orange plate mark is not very visible once you have the binding mounted, but if you look closely at the top of the plate, you'll see it.

Anyways, you're right, it is indeed comparing apples to oranges. I was simply making a note of what was observed, which is that the new metron's are more forward mounted than the older ride series. They're different skis totally. I was just thinking to myself that maybe Atomic's changed their thinking on binding positioning?
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