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Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Rock. I live near lake ozark Missouri. I am 17, going to college(for what I have no clue), and will be graduating HS this spring. Anyways, I was introduced to skiing 2 years ago on a family trip to winter park CO. I was in love with it from the start. Since then I have been on one other one week trip to Monarch, CO. I picked up on skiing really well, and can do blues with confidence. My question pertains to ski and boot sizes.(I bet ya'all get tired of this question...) I am 5'8", 145-150 LBS. I like to ski cruisers, but I also like the challenge of doing blacks(never done a double diomond yet). So I would but my self at intermediate level. I mainly will be skiing hardpacked chopped up stuff in the future, with some powder and moguls mixed in. What ski size would you recomend for me? I used 160cm Salomon(cant tell you what model) rentals, and switched to 150 later. I liked them better, but as a newbie, I dont know if that would be right for me. As far as boots, what size would be right for my 10.5-11 (mens)wide foot? The reason that I am asking all this mess is that I LOVE to ski, and it doesnt take too many trips renting crappy skis and boots to pay for a decent setup of my own. And I am curious.... Thanks in advance, and thanks for supporting this awsome hobby. ROCK
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Welcome to the skiing world!

Start first with boots. Try on lots of pairs. Leave them on your feet for at least 20 minutes each. Make sure you, and the person with you has lots of time. Ask lots of questions about the boots your trying and give the clerk lots of information about your abilities and goals in skiing. Ask if custom boot fitting is included in the price. Find out if you need custom foot beds.

Skis: It may be difficult in your home area but, demo, demo, demo or prepare to be dissappointed. Did I mention to demo?

Keep skiing faster! :

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Boots first! Make sure you buy boots at a reputable ski shop and that the person helping you knows what they are doing. They should be used to people trying many pairs for a long time and they should be able to give you several choices to select from. Boots are expensive but they are as important if not more than the skis. It is throgh the boots that you control the skis...

As far as skis, I think the best thing to do is to demo different models and lengths before deciding to buy. Skis have changed a lot in recent years. I am still skiing on my very first pair. I am essentially the same size as you [5'8", 150lbs] and those skis are 184cm. If I were to buy new skis today I'd go for 175cm or less, probably closer to 170s... But some models are manufactured to be skiied even shorter. For example there are some slalom skis that someone our size should ski in 160cm...

I think that for someone of your skill level and size going for anything under 160cm in an "all mountain ski" would be a mistake, but that is only MY opinion [and I am no expert]. I would think that you should look at a good all around ski somewhere around 170-175cm.

Personally, I am looking forward to trying out the Volant Gravity 68, of which I have heard very good things. Last year I tried the Volant T-3 Epic [177cm] and really liked it. But there are many other good skis in this "overall/all mountain" category. Check out the Ski Magazine Buyers guide [Skiing magazine might have one too] for the latest models. Go to the magazine websites [or the public library] and check out last year's guides too. Last year's models are probably just as good and you will find them cheaper.

I hope this helps!

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