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Hooray, hooray! Tomorrow is national chocolate pudding day!

(The only pudding with its own holiday...and well justified.)
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Oh wow, Bonni missed National Pink Day!
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How about:

September 19 is . . . . National Butterscotch Pudding Day
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Hey- my birthday is national indian pudding day.......what the heck is that?
(could have been worse- only a half week after national dunce day!)
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Pudd'n' Daze

I'm glad you guys are reading closely!
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Hmmmm, I wonder how the ESA is going to celebrate Australia Day.
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I'd guess by singing Advance Australia Fair, and then going down under...
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...the table.
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Is that followed by getting your photo taken on a zebra print sofa?
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And I always thought June 14 was merely Flag Day!

I was w-w-wrong!:

What's all this about missing Pink Day, LM?
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It was a dark and stormy----oh wrong tune sorry

I was born 2 days after gunpowder day and 2 days before chaos never dies day!
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My Birthday is Amelia Earhart Day. Which is funny, whenever I am asked the "who would you like to have dinner with" it is Amelia Earhart.
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
Is that followed by getting your photo taken on a zebra print sofa?
You know that sofa was just crying out for some appropriate human decoration!
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