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My new Mtn Bike Coaches

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In an effort to get ready for dirt camp this weekend, in addition to riding in Summit County I have been riding once a week in the Denver area. Last week we rode in Mathews-Winters Park. It was to technical for me. Feeling pretty discourage about my abilities and pushing my bike up yet another section I stopped. I took a moment to breath, look around and there not 20 feet lay a deer. Laying in tall grass I never would have seen her if I had not stopped. She look at me, blinked as if to say "Yep folks loose it here all the time" Greatly cheered I turned around for the walk/ride down.

Yesterday we rode a much milder ride at Green Mountain. I like this ride though it has elements that I do not care for. First the climb from C-470. You climb up basically a dirt road. No skills needed really except to climb. 3/4 of the way up I stopped to cough up a lung. Drinking some water catching my breath I look around and there in the tall grass lay a deer. This time she seem to say "what? its just up. go!"

Thanks deers, you make for great coaches.

Other issues with Green Mountain. Snakes. Snakes as in Rattlesnakes! Green Mtn is very crowded. With only one exception everyone followed etiquette and yielded to the uphill biker. While stepping away to let someone pass he turned and yelled' Rattlesnake ahead" I had seen the notice posted to watch for Rattlers, but like those for Mountain lions I paid in little mind. Snakes! So each time I had to step out of the way for a biker I searched the grass, yelled " go away snake" Does this work? Snakes ,yet another thing to worry about when I ride. I guess you take the good wildlife with the bad.
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The rail trail from Georgetown in DC to Bethesda is usually too choked with pedestrians observing no right of way at all, which is a shame as it is almost a perfect 10K distance with very few road crossings.

I was skating in the moonlight last night with the headlamp turned off to save batteries, just a rear red blinky. It was well past 10:30pm, so the late strollers were mostly in bed.

Well, the canal aromas are none too pleasant on the lower section anyway, but I was surprised to get a barnyard smell, sharper than cow. Mounted park police, I thought and groaned over the thought of cleaning those bearings.

15 ft later a deer jumps out from the river side of the trail, sproinks across and about 6 feet up the canal embankment.

6 times in 7 miles that smell wafted up, and I wasn't within 20 feet of any of them. Each time a crashing noise in the brush or an outright dash across the trail, about 15 seconds later.

The ones in Colorado must have figured out how to wash.
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Comprex - depending on the smell, it sounds like those deer may have been getting ready for rut. They have some pretty nasty scents to attract one another.
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Originally Posted by epic
Comprex - depending on the smell, it sounds like those deer may have been getting ready for rut. They have some pretty nasty scents to attract one another.
I was afraid someone would point that out; and here I was all proud of quitting the Gauloises. (With much cleaner teeth, mind)
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