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GREAT second day!

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Hello group!
I hope I have this in the right group!!
My son and I went out yesterday to Jack Frost in Pa. yesterday and everything was opposite from my 'bad first day' post.
My new boots were wonderful, and my exercise routine must have paid off as well, since we skied from 9 to 1:30 nonstop.
I do have a couple of questions:
  • My new boots were warm and comfortable even in the balmy 8 degrees.
    When do I decide I need footbeds?
    Do footbeds cause one to do less 'grabbing of the sole' or flexing of the toes to generate turning force?
    I had only one 'sore point' on my feet, which was a nickel sized area on the inside of my feet just under my ankle. I felt pressure there as the day got longer, but it was tolerable.
    My thighs and calves are sore. Does any of that have anything to do with boot fit?
    However, I have none of the abrasive skin soreness or anything else, which leads me to believe the boots are doing the trick.</font>
Thank you all in advance!
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Thighs and calves being sore has more to do with stance then with anything else. Grabbing the soles. Both those are an issue for the Ski Insturctors forum. Or taking lessons can help fix that.

You will want to ski at least one more day in the boots and then try and go directly to the boot fitter as soon as possible after removing your boots so he can see the "hot spots" on your feet.
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Max, you are clairvoyant. I am definitely grasping the soles with my toes. Do you know why I am doing that aside from abject fear?

Is there a forum where I can pose that question?
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