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Mt Hood July 6th to the 19th

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I'll be coaching for Gilboa those dates.
Stop by and say hello if you're there. Look for the old guy with the Ferrari F-1 hat and a grey moustache.
jyarddog and I usually get together on my afternoon off.
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When is your day off, Slatz?
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Sorry, I just got to this today. (Sat. 7/17) It was yesterday.
I'll be on the mountain tomorrow and Monday. Then it's home on Tuesday.
I hooked up with jyarddog at the Sandy Mountain Festival last weekend.
There are a lot of Central coaches out here. I ran into Mel Brown yesterday. One of my former athletes, Sean Ramsden, is coaching for Team Summit this week.
PSIA-NW is having a race camp this weekend. I met a Nelson Win(?) who is one of the coaches. We had a pretty interesting conversation about things in general.
We're down on lane 8 on Palmer. Look for the moustach and the Ferrari hat.
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