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Hello to all. Being a ski addict and lamenting the 6 months till the show flies, I was searching the net for ski news and found this site - so I'm very new here. I'm not sure that talking and dreaming about skiing and the mountains is comforting or just plain torture.
I've been skiing for 6 or 7 years and the anxiety seems to get worse each year.
Even as an avid golfer, I find myself wishing for winter. Anybody else have a tough time dealing with the off season?

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Welcome to Epic!

You've found a great place to visit while waiting for the snow to fly again! Great group of pro's here too, so fire some questions off during the summer ...ya can still work on your skiing when there's no snow!

Best regards,

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Welcome. You get that right, about how hard it is to wait for next season. I even find myself reading the junk mail from Skier's Edge, and the promo mailers from all the resorts!

Enjoy yourself here.

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OK - One word


Discovered surfing this summer & now I cannot decide if I want summer or winter...... :

Also looks as though this surfing thing is going to be MUCH harder to learn than the skiing bit.... ie I expect to NEVER get to even a decent standard having started a little later in life than may be ideal..... It is still a HUGE buzz riding waves & very addictive even at my level (think snow runners on learner terrain & you are probably still above my surfing level)
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Welcome to the madness! You have found one of the only ski message forums that stays pretty active throughout the summer! Just try not to get to angry at the Aussies and Kiwis when they start talking about what a great season they're having! Think of it as a vicarious thrill.
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Hi garyskr,This is going to hurt you more than it is me,I think.
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Welcome garyskr.
Was that taken yesterday at Bachelor?
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What a HUGE picture! Must be deep stuff!

Welcome, Garyskr, to the wonderful world of Epic!
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Garyskr -

Welcome. It must be tough being that addicted to skiing and living in Kentucky.
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WOW, now two from Kentucky!

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Welcome to epic.

To tell you how bad it can get. I had a dream last sunday that Okemo VT was making snow, and I was planning to call the boss and tell him I wanted a vacation day.

With this cold summer, may be winter is not far off. I know it's only June 22nd...
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Thank you all for the welcome

Yes it is tough being in Ky - not too many well known ski mountains here, however, that is why there are airplanes. Lots of trips to Salt Lake. My wife also goes with me - most of the time.

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Welcome to the boards I hope we can all get through this long off-season together here.
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in the off season, I ski.
Last night about 30 of us got together for a bit of fun on the slopes, and I'd been skiing on Wednesday as well...
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[quote=Wear The Fox Hat]in the off season, I ski.
Last night about 30 of us got together for a bit of fun on the slopes, and I'd been skiing on Wednesday as well...

After seeing your TR I couldn't stand it and so I went skiing too.
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The engine was sure laying down some nice tracks that day!

Tom / PM
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Don't you find most folks think you're crazy to be thinking about winter now? I dreamed I was demoing skis the other night. I find that watching warren miller movies helps get through the summer. "Cold Fusion" is my favorite. The scene in Brighton is great.
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Thanks PM. Ron's got it bad. "Don't you find most folks think you're crazy to be thinking about winter now?" Imagine what the relatives think. I must admit I've had a few ski dreams myself. I keep hinting to the wife about Heli-Skiing, but I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel.
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Yes, the relatives all think I'm crazy, but then again everyone of them on my Wife's side are beach-heads. None of them ski. All hibernate from December to April. Out of 10 nieces/nephews, only one will ski. Oh well. Tip for the heli-skiing: I find that one must be strategic with their ski plans, for instance I always tell the wife about the spa and what restaurants are at the resort I want to go to. She doesn't ski but she's very cool with letting me ski while she spas'. Best of luck though.
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