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Any Update, SLATZ?

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Hey Slatz,
I looked out for you yesterday, but didn't see you on TV. Weren't you waving?
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I was down in Northwest Vista. I watched the TV last night and they didn't have any cameras pointed that way.
A good time was had by all(the tifosi)
We were up pretty high and right above where Mark Webber parked his flaming JagUar.
We had to pay "face value" ($85) for our seats but they were pretty good. We could see the start/finish, the pit exit and all the way to the back straight. I missed the first turn wreck because I was watching the leaders. Michael did a good job of keeping Sato behind him into turn 1. I got a good look at Alonso going out but couldn't tell it was from a flat tire.
All we saw of Ralf's accident was a cloud of smoke. I was very concerned for him for some time. The information and pictures we saw were pretty limited. The sound wasn't good with all the cars and such. We didn't know for sure until we got to my wife's condo in Chicago(3 hrs away) and went online.
Michael and Ruebins had quite a good fight for a few laps there. As in Canada SPEED TV cut for commercial just as it was going on and only showed a few replays. Too bad it was about the best action of the day.
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